How to Widen a Doorway in a Load Bearing Wall

Your home should always support your comfort zones. There will be a time when you will need to make some changes within your household. That could be related to moving furniture, painting the walls, removing the floor, or perhaps widening some doorways. Whatever is why you need to devise the plan so you will not have to give away your comfort. That is why we are here with tips on widening a doorway in a load-bearing wall.

How to Widen a Doorway in a Load Bearing Wall

What is a Load Bearing Wall?

If you want to widen a doorway, you need first to figure out if the wall is load-bearing or not. It shouldn’t be a problem if it’s a standard wall with a door. But if the wall is load-bearing, it’s best to get help from a professional.

A load-bearing wall is a structural wall that holds a significant amount of weight in the house. The load-bearing wall is probably holding up whatever is above the wall. So, removing it without being careful can mess up the structure and construction of your house.

Therefore, when you are trying to learn how to widen a doorway in a load-bearing wall, you should know that it will come with some significant consequences, and you will need to have a proper understanding of what you are trying to do.

What is a Load Bearing Wall

DIY: How to Widen a Doorway in a Load Bearing Wall

When considering a load-bearing wall, you will need to take some precautions and make some changes in how you will typically widen a doorway.

It would be best if you started removing the door and the molding. Be careful o

f the floor. You do not want to ruin them. So, better cover them up before you start working.

After removing the door and the molding, you will have to focus on what is behind the wall around the doorway. You need to make sure that there isn’t any electrical wire around. If there are, you will have to switch them off carefully. Better to call a professional!

The next step is to measure up how wide you want your doorway to be. After measuring and being satisfied with your measurement, it is time to cut through the wall.

How to Widen a Doorway in a Load Bearing Wall

After cutting the wall and removing the drywall will come to the central part of working on a load-bearing wall. We would like to remind you again to ask for a professional’s help.

This time you have to support the header. The header will have the most weight on the wall. You will have to put something to keep the title enough. For that, create a temporary support wall.

Now to widen the doorway, you will have to remove the jack stud. If removing the jack stud is not enough, remove the king stud.

Now that your doorway is complete, you will have to install the new frame. Add the mold and door, and you are done with learning how to widen a doorway in a load-bearing wall.

Check it out to learn to block a doorway without a door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Doorway Be Widened?

The door can be widened, but it will cost you. A door is a moving object that the person must open on the other side to enter or exit a building. A doorway is simply an opening between two walls or floors; they cannot be widened because they are fixed objects.

How Wide Can an Opening Be in a Load Bearing Wall?

There is no specific measurement of how wide an opening can be in a load-bearing wall. The width depends on the thickness of the wall and the design.

However, if you want to use a standard size for measuring openings, it would be about 8 inches wide by 12 inches high.

How Do I Make My Rough Opening Door Bigger?

To make your rough opening door bigger, you must first use a power drill to bore a hole in the wall where the door will be.

Next, place hinges inside the wall and secure them with screws. Then, place two bolts into each hinge so that they hold the hinges in place.

Lastly, install an eye hook in each bolt hole and attach a chain or cable to it so you can open your door by pulling on it from outside your house.

Final Thoughts

That was all from how to widen a doorway in a load-bearing wall. We hope our tips will help you out. If anything, seek the help of a professional for a better arrangement.

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