How to Wire a Light Fixture with Two Black Wires

Are you interested to know how to wire a light fixture with two black wires? If yes, then this entire article will be work as a perfect guideline for you. Yes, believe us, we are not joking.
Every light in your home gets power through two wires. At the point when you have a few light attachments in your light installation, you increase the number of electrical cables that should be associated with a force source.
The rear of a light installation looks threatening, yet consistently recollects that if you can coordinate dark to highly contrasting to white, you can introduce a light apparatus with twofold wires and much more.


• Wellbeing goggles
• Step stepping stool
• Dark wire nuts

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The Process

1. Mood killer the breaker that provisions power to the light circuit at the fundamental electrical board.
2. Find the dark or hot, or unbiased, cord inside the electric light field. These are the pressure flexibly wires and companion through the transfer and lower back to the electrical board.
3. Cord the mild installation with twofold wires to the force gracefully wires. Each light attachment needs to have a different pretty contrasting cord to flexibly electricity to the mild, the extra lighting, the extra wires.
Interface the two white cables from the light set up to the white twine situated within the electric container to contort an orange cord nut onto each of the three wires. Interface the two dark cables from the mild set up to the darkish twine from the electric box a similar way you associated the black wires.
4. Introduce the light apparatus to the electrical lightbox as per the maker’s bearings.
5. Turn on the breaker that provisions electricity to the light circuit at the number one electric board.

Final Thoughts

So, if you can follow all the steps mentioned above in the article, we can assure you that you can successfully learn how to wire a light fixture with two black wires.

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