How to Add Doors to Cube Storage

There are many different kinds of storage units available. From stackable wire shelving to rolling carts, there is a unit that will work for your space. However, if you’re looking for a little more protection and order than just stacking or rolling things around, then you may want to consider adding doors to cube storage.

This article can help you on how to add doors to cube storage and decide how much door space is ideal, then show you step-by-step instructions on how to install them!

Cube Storage

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Instructions: How to Add Doors to Cube Storage

Step One:

Measure the height and width of your cube. You’ll want to measure from one edge all the way around, so you have an idea of how much space is in that row or column.

Step Two:

Determine the height of your door. You’ll want to measure from the top of one cube up to where you would like the bottom edge of a door in that row or column, then add about six inches for clearance when it swings open. This dimension will vary depending on how large your cubes are and what kind of items you’re storing inside them.

Step Three:

Measure the width of your door. You’ll want to measure from one edge all the way around, so you have an idea of how much space is in that row or column, then about three inches wider than each cube for clearance when it swings open.

Step Four:

Cut the door out of your desired material with a saw (or ask someone to cut it for you) and position one side against the wall, flush up against the last cube in that row or column. You’ll want to use construction adhesive and screws when attaching your doors so they won’t fall off.

Step Five:

Place the other side of your door next to it so that one is flush against the last cube and the other end is just past where you want your first row or column. Measure how much space there is between your two pieces of material, then add about three inches for clearance when this new row or column swings open.

Step Six:

Use a pencil to draw a rectangle on the material that is about four inches taller than what you measured, and cut it out with your jigsaw. Cut an opening for the door handle, or install an existing one by drilling into both pieces of material at once, from inside each piece before attaching them together.

Drilling On Cube Storage

Step Seven:

Put the two pieces together with your new piece between them. The door should swing open and close without touching either of the other sides. You may need to adjust this measurement as you go, depending on how far apart your cubes are set up in rows or columns, but it’s important not to cut too much space out of the other side so as not to allow for slippage or interference with the door.

Step Eight:  

After you’ve inserted your new piece of material between them and it’s in position, drill a few holes on opposite sides from one another about half an inch away from the top edge of each cube. Make sure they’re in the center of the side you’re drilling away from, or your door will be off-balance.

Step Nine:  

Insert a screw into each hole and tighten it down tightly in place with pliers. Test to make sure that the door can open all the way without touching any other pieces on either side, so you don’t need to cut them out.

Step Ten:  

If the door is long enough, drill holes in the top corners of each cube and insert screws at a forty-five-degree angle into them. Use pliers to tighten them up until they’re snug against the wood so that when you open and close it, nothing will catch on anything else.

Step Eleven: 

If it’s not long enough, use the top of a steel bar or a thick piece of metal as an anchor and attach it to your door with screws through pilot holes. Measure how much you need to trim off each end so that when the door is closed, its edge doesn’t touch any other pieces on either side and so that when it slides open, the edges are flush with the cubes.

Step Twelve:  

Trim off each end of your door to make them even, then place one on top of a piece of wood like you’re creating a sandwich. Clamp it down in both corners as well as on either side if you want extra security.

Clumps The Cube Storage

Step Thirteen:

Slide the door up against your piece of wood. If it’s long enough, you can nail it into one side and then onto the other so that there are no gaps between them. Alternatively, if your door is too short or thin to use this method, attach two pieces of wood together with a hinge in order to create space on the other side of your door.

Step Fourteen:

Lastly, Slide it back in place against the cube and measure from the top for a pencil mark to make sure that when you put screws into them, they’ll go through both pieces of wood as well as both sides of your cubes.


If you’re looking for a way to make your storage space more functional, consider adding doors. Doors can be an effective solution if you have limited floor space or are working with cubes that don’t come equipped with them as standard features. You can find great pre-made storage cubes at stores like Target or Ikea and then add doors with hinges on the back so that they create an enclosed space for any room in your house.

Once you have these installed, just fill them up with anything from toys, clothes, or cooking supplies. We hope this blog post on how to add doors to cube storage has helped inspire some creativity around organizing your home. If you have any thoughts on this topic, let us know in the comment section below.

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