How to Attach a Banner to a Table

Attaching a banner to a table is a simple yet effective way to add visual appeal and branding to your event, trade show booth, or any other display. Whether you want to showcase your company logo, promote an upcoming event, or create a decorative focal point, properly attaching a banner to a table ensures that it stays securely in place and looks professional.

How to Attach a Banner to a Table

In this article, we will explore some methods and tips on how to attach a banner to a table, from choosing the right materials to step-by-step instructions to help you create an eye-catching display that captures your attention.

Which Glue Is Used to Stick Banner?

When attaching a banner to a table, the type of glue used depends on the materials being affixed. If you have an adhesive-backed vinyl banner, you can use this as is with no additional adhesives. However, for other types of banners and tables, you may need to choose an appropriate adhesive.

For cardboard or fabric banners, using a permanent spray glue or liquid silicone will ensure that your banner adheres securely and sturdily without wrinkling or sagging. Make sure to test it out in an inconspicuous area first before applying it to the full surface of your table and banner.

If you’re using paper banners instead, double-stick tape or hot glue can be used to affix them without the risk of wrinkling or buck used. Hot glue is especially effective when affixing banners to surfaces that are prone to movement, like tables with folding legs, as it will stay in place over time.

No matter which type of adhesive you choose, make sure to read the instructions carefully and apply it according to the directions for optimal results. Once the glue is applied, allow it to dry before touching or moving your banner.

Additionally, if you want to add an extra layer of security to your banner, use clamps or pins to secure it in place along the edges. This will help prevent any wrinkling or sagging and make sure that your banner stays in place.

10 Methods How to Attach a Banner to a Table

1. Table Clips or Clamps

Table clips or clamps are specifically designed for attaching banners to tables. They typically consist of a clamp mechanism that securely holds the banner in place on the edge of the table. Simply slide the banner into the clamp and tighten it to hold the banner firmly.

Table Clips Are Designed
for Attaching Banners

Table clips are a great option for attaching banners to tables because they do not require any tools and can be easily moved from table to table. While this method is great for tables that don’t have any other surface to attach the banner too, they may not be the best option if you plan to leave the banner up for a long period of time as they are not very durable.

2. Zip Ties

Zip ties can be used to attach banners to tables by looping them around the table legs or through grommets on the banner and then tightening them securely. This method is simple and effective, especially for lightweight banners.

To make it even more secure, you can attach two or three zip ties to each table leg and then loop them through the grommets. This will provide extra strength and stability. If you’re using larger banners, you may want to use a few more zip ties to make sure everything stays in place.

When using zip ties, make sure that the tails are facing down so they don’t catch on anything or get in the way of people walking by. This is an ideal option for banners that are going to be used indoors or outdoors in windy conditions.

3. Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

Hook-and-loop fasteners, commonly known as Velcro, can be used to attach banners to tables. Simply attach the hook side to the table and the loop side to the banner, then press them together to create a secure bond. This method is particularly useful if you plan to use the banner multiple times.

Keep in mind that hook-and-loop fasteners may not be as strong as other methods and should not be used for heavier banners. If you do use this method, be sure to periodically check the fasteners to make sure they are still secure. To ensure the longevity of your banner and prevent damage to the table, consider applying some adhesive to the back of the hook side.

4. Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape can be used to attach banners to tables by applying strips of tape to the table edges or surface and then pressing the banner onto the tape. This method is ideal for temporary displays and lightweight banners.

Double-sided Tape Can
Used to Attach Banners

Make sure to use quality double-sided tape so the banner stays in place and doesn’t become loose over time. If the banner is extra long, consider using several strips of tape to hold it in place securely. Depending on the material of the banner and table, you may need to use multiple layers of tape.

5. Table Skirts or Covers

Table skirts or covers can be used to attach banners to tables by securing the banner to the fabric skirt or cover using clips, pins, or other fasteners. This method provides a clean and professional look for trade shows or events. Table skirts or covers are a great way to hide any cords and cables that may be connected to the table.

It is important to make sure your skirt or cover is large enough to fit the banner while not too long and dragging on the ground. When using a table skirt or cover, it is also important to make sure that the banner is securely attached so that it does not move while in use.

6. Banner Stands

Banner stands with attached clamps or hooks can also be used to attach banners to tables. Simply position the banner stand on the table and attach the banner to the hooks or clamps on the stand.

Banner Stands With Attached Clamps

Banner stands are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for trade shows and other events where posters may need to be moved or changed. To ensure the banner stays securely in place, use a bit of double-sided tape at the top and bottom of the banner to create a secure bond between the banner and the table.

7. Adhesive Hooks or Clips

Adhesive hooks or clips can be attached to the table edges or surface, and the banner can be hung from these hooks or clips using grommets or ropes. This method is ideal for banners with grommets or eyelets.

Follow the instructions on the package for attaching adhesive hooks or clips to your table. Be sure to allow time for all adhesives to adhere and dry before attaching the banner. Note that adhesive hooks or clips may not be suitable for all surfaces; test on a small area first to ensure it won’t damage your table.

8. Spring Clamps

Spring clamps can be used to attach banners to tables by clamping onto the table edge and holding the banner securely in place. This method is easy to use and provides a reliable attachment. Start by opening the clamps and placing them around the table edge, ensuring that they are level with each other. Then, place your banner in between the clamps and close them to secure the banner in place.

9. Bungee Cords or Elastic Bands

Bungee cords or elastic bands can be used to attach banners to tables by securing them around the table legs or through grommets on the banner. This method provides flexibility and allows for easy installation and removal.

It is important to ensure that the bungee cords or elastic bands are not too tight, as this could damage both the table and the banner. When attaching banners to tables with bungee cords or elastic bands, ensure that the cords are evenly spaced around the table and that they are not stretched beyond their capacity.

10. Rope or Cord

A rope or cord can be used to attach banners to tables by tying them securely around the table legs or through grommets on the banner. This method is simple and versatile and can be used with different types of banners and tables. The rope or cord should be long enough to fit around the table legs or grommets and then tied together in a secure knot. Make sure the knot is tied tightly to ensure the banner remains firmly in place.

A Cord Can Be Used
to Attach Banners


In conclusion, attaching a banner to a table is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance the visual impact of your display. By carefully selecting the appropriate materials, considering the size and weight of the banner, and following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, you can securely attach your banner to a table for a professional and eye-catching presentation.

Hopefully, this article gave you some helpful tips about how to attach a banner to a table successfully, so now that you have the proper knowledge on how to get the job done, why not give it a try today?

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