How to Clean a Foggy Mirror


A foggy mirror is one of the most annoying household problems you can have. Don’t fret too much though, cleaning your mirrors is actually easy to do, and it won’t take long at all, depending on what the problem is. Sometimes cleaning a foggy mirror solves your problem, but sometimes it doesn’t. If this happens to you, especially with a bathroom mirror, you will need to cut away some of that built-up residue using vinegar or alcohol wipes. In this article, I will discuss how to clean a foggy mirror. So let us get started.

How to Clean a Foggy Mirror

Step-wise Guide on How to Clean a Foggy Mirror:

Step 1: Remove all Items from Around Mirror

If there are items around like glasses or perfumes on top of the glass counter space surrounding your mirror, remove them now. Glasses and perfume bottles can break easily when they fall off, so take caution when moving them.

Step 2: Clean the Glass Surrounding the Mirror

A bottle of glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth will do. Just spray it on the glass surface and wipe it off using your cloth. Ensure to clean thoroughly, taking care not to leave streaks behind as they can often cause the mirror to look dirty faster than when there’s actual dirt on it.

Step 3: Spray Surface of Mirror

Pour a few drops of glass cleaner onto a cotton ball or soft towel and wipe down the surface of your mirror in small circles from top to bottom, right side to left side. Use short strokes and take care not to get any liquid into the frame as that’ll make cleaning more difficult later on.

Step 4: Remove Streaks and Scratches

If there are any streaks or scratches on your mirror, it can make the surface look hazy. For this, you’ll need a soft cloth that’s been dipped in a glass cleaner. First, wipe the cloth over the streaks to see if that takes away some of them. If not, dip it in water and wipe again over the streaks to remove them completely.

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Step 5: Wipe Dry Mirror with Cloth

Once you’re done cleaning your mirror, you have two options depending on whether or not you want to use polish on your glass next time around. If you don’t require polish, all that’s left is wiping off any leftover residue from the mirror with another cotton ball doused in glass cleaner. If you require polish, spray a bit of glass polish over the mirror and wipe clean with a soft cloth immediately thereafter.

Step 6: Polish for A Brighter Mirror

If your mirror is giving off too much glare or reflections, try cleaning it again using some surface polish like Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-Def Paste Finishing Polish on Amazon. This particular polish will remove up to 80% of fingerprint smudges and should give your mirror an even sheen without interfering with its transparency. It’ll also leave behind no streaks as long as you follow the instructions carefully in my guide below.

To use glass cleaner/polishes like this, start by spraying some onto a cotton ball and then wiping down the areas of your mirror with it. Next, grab a microfiber cloth and wipe off the polish without getting any liquid into the frame. Then wipe away any residue on the surface using another soft cloth or towel soaked in glass cleaner.

Why Does Foggy Window Occur?

Several factors can cause window fogs or clouds. The first being that it is a natural process. Essentially, some of the moisture in the air around your home condenses on the inside of foggy windows and then dries up to disappear. However, there are other reasons why window glass may get cloudy and dirty over time as well. These include:

Air conditioners emit moisture on their exteriors while cooling the house during the summer season. This condensed water vapor will land on nearby windows, causing them to fog and cloud up, making it difficult for sunlight to enter your home. All of this adds up to an increase in energy costs since you turn off your AC when you see how much has been wasted on a windowpane.

Everyday household cleaners, which are often the culprit behind foggy windows. During cleaning processes, you usually mix chemicals and water with helping scrub away any debris that’s settled on your home’s glass surface. Unfortunately, in doing so, you unknowingly create a chemical reaction in which some of the fumes rise and accumulate on nearby surfaces, including interior and exterior window glass.

When these chemicals come into contact with moisture in the air around them, they readily react with it to release more fumes, thus creating an irritating odor. You can also experience this during the winter months since the condensation from warm indoor heating systems will build up on your windows overnight.

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Precautions While Cleaning A Foggy Mirror:

  • When cleaning a foggy mirror, use lukewarm water to avoid cracking it.
  • Do not use chemicals or harsh detergents to clean the mirror as they can damage its coating.
  • Clean the mirrors with dry cloth and store them in a dry place without sunlight immediately once you are done cleaning them so that they do not get wet again and start getting foggy again.
  • If you need to clean your mirror frequently, we suggest that you buy an anti-fog spray instead of doing this task manually every time as there is less chance of damaging your mirror permanently when using such products.  These sprays do their job by releasing lubricating oil over the glass surface, which helps in preventing the mirror from fogging again.
harsh detergents mirror can damage

Which Cloth is Suitable for Wiping Mirrors?

Nowadays, technology has been applied in almost every aspect of life. It moved from cities to villages and left an inevitable mark on the quality of life. The use of various equipment and appliances is one way it made its impacts felt over the years. One kind of basic equipment that can’t be ignored when cleaning a home mirrors. Dirty mirrors may give out discolored images, which will sometimes undermine your attempts to beautify your home or even yourself. To remove dirt from mirrors, you need to have the right tools with you.

What are they? A towel, sponge, dry cloth, etc., for wiping away dust off your mirror should suffice but if you want something highly effective, go for microfiber paper towels. It has the ability to clean any type of glass, not just mirrors.

The Benefits You Will Enjoy from Using the Microfiber Cloth

It is highly absorbent. No excess water will stay on the towel because it has a high absorbing capacity that allows itself to dry up quickly, so no streaks or tiny droplets will be left behind after wiping off dirt.

Microfiber towels are lint-free, so all sorts of grime and residue won’t get stuck onto your mirror while rubbing them away anymore. In addition, it means that you can save your time scrubbing and polishing to remove residues later on when cleaning your house since they are already eliminated in one go.


I hope this article has helped provide all the information on how to clean a foggy mirror. Thank you and have a nice day!

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