How to Cover Styrofoam with Fabric

Styrofoam is quite often used to make softballs. The pets we have in our house like to play with these toys. But there should always be a covering on the ball because the ball’s constant playing with your pet’s paws can damage the surface. For this reason, it is inevitable to cover the ball with fabric today. We are going to discuss an easy technique on how to cover Styrofoam with cloth. This will be much helpful for beginners. The process is discussed below.

How to Cover Styrofoam with Fabric

Processes on How to Cover Styrofoam with Fabric

Process One:

  1. Cut a square of fabric that is larger than the styrofoam
  2. Place it in an “L” shape, so one side covers the top, and another side goes on the bottom with enough space for you to cover your foam board.
  3. Fold over extra fabric from both sides (the right and left), so they overlap by about three inches or more. If you want to be precise, you can measure before cutting, but this isn’t necessary as long as some overlap. It’s best not to expose any part of the backside because when we fold it together later, all edges will look smooth and clean like in a professional job!
  4. Now, bring up these two pieces together and pin them together.
  5. Sew the two pieces together using a straight stitch, about three inches in from each edge on both sides of the fabric, so it creates one piece that is now bigger than your foam board and will cover it entirely with enough extra to fold over and sew again for an even more finished look!
  6. Now, you can cut off any remaining excess fabric since there should be plenty left over if you measured correctly!
  7. Hot glue Velcro or tape onto the styrofoam surface facing outwards (this side will not have contact with anything else). You’ll want to attach these by running across all four edges instead of just sticking onto either half, as this would create strain on only those points.Place the fabric over the foam board
  8. Place the fabric over the foam board, with one side of it touching the surface that will be facing outwards.
  9. Wrap and secure more Velcro or tape across all four edges to attach them securely.
  10. You’re done! Now you have a new way to cover your styrofoam without spending money on expensive DIY projects!

Process Two

You will need some essential aspects to cover the Styrofoam with the fabric. Among them, you will need some soft material. It is better to use multicolor fabric. Then you will need a hot glue gun and a pencil.

This will be sued for marking the ball. Once you have managed all these, the process can be started. At first, you have to take the Styrofoam ball and divide the ball into several equal parts. This can be done using a pencil.

Now you have to take a piece of cloth and then cut it into small strips. Then you have to start adding the fabric to the ball. For this, you must separate color fabric for a separate ball part. You have to take a glue gun and then start adding the material, the glue gun should be applied along the ball’s boundary, and then you have to stick the fabric to that place.

separate color fabric for a separate part of the ball

You must remember that glue should be applied to the ball surface, and then the material should be added. In this manner, you must cover the whole Styrofoam ball using fabric.


  • Be sure to wear protective gloves.
  • Cut the fabric into a large enough square so that it is at least as long and wide as your Styrofoam shape, plus four inches on each side for overlap.
  • Put one layer of fabric over the top of the foam, then use an iron (or another heat source) set to medium or high temperature with no steam setting to seal down all edges in about 30 seconds per corner.
  • You can sew two layers together by placing them face up on top of each other, backstitching along the outer edge before pressing with an iron or other heat source.
  • For extra protection against spills, you could cover the bottom surface of your chair seat using this method too.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope the technique we have stated here will help cover the soft Styrofoam ball with fabric. DIY enthusiasts can improve their skills. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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