How to Cut a Cabinet in Half

Sometimes you will need to resize the cabinets of your kitchen, bathroom, or any other places in your house to meet some requirements. Resizing cabinets are a very common thing to do. But before you can resize them according to your need, you will need to have a proper idea of what you are going to work with. That is why we are going to tell you how to cut a cabinet in half so that you will be able to fit or keep the desired things inside the cabinets without any problem.

DIY: How to Cut a Cabinet in Half

To learn how to cut a cabinet in half, you will need to have all the necessary items. The things you need for this project are-

Steps to Follow

How to Cut a Cabinet in Half 2

Step One:

The first step for how to cut a cabinet is half is going to be by removing the doors. You cannot work with the doors still attached to the cabinet. It does not matter if the cabinet has one or two doors. You will need to remove everything.

Unscrew the screws from the door and remove them properly. Keep the screws and the door separately.

Step Two:

The next step is to measure where you are going to cut the cabinet in half and whether it is going to be vertical or horizontal.

Take the tape and mark where the cut is going to be. Use the marker or pencil to mark down precisely everything.

Step Three:

Take the saw and cut where it is necessary. This will make your cabinet in half depending on you want it half horizontally or vertically. Be careful while cutting the cabinet with a saw. You better take the help of someone else to make sure that everything has been cut smoothly.

Step Four:

Now take the part that will not be used (or if you want to use both parts, then take plywood to do the same work). Remove all the sidings from the backboard. Make the proper measurement to get the shape right.

Step Five:

Join the board into the cabinet according to the required size. Use all the necessary screws to join them properly so that they do not come off anytime soon.

Step Six:

There you have your cabinets ready. Now, you will need to make the doors attach to them. If you are the cabinets in half and can use the previous doors on them, join them with screws. If not, you can make a door using plywood or buy woods to create a new door for the newly made cabinets.

Final Thoughts

That is all from how to cut a cabinet in half. It is not so much of a challenging project if you know the essential woodworks and have all the materials you need. By learning this, you can now shape your cabinets according to your needs and keep your items appropriately secured.

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