How to Update Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

Melamine is actually a chemical compound. Due to its versatility, melamine can be used in several ways. Well, that’s what exactly has made the melamine kitchen cabinets so popular. When the wood cabinets have melamine finishing on it, it becomes resistant to all types of scratches. But like the other products, melamine surfaces also have a specific lifespan. It also loses its youth over time, and the color fades away. So, if you have noticed that the color of your melamine kitchen cabinets is fading away, don’t worry too much. Like you, every homeowner has to go through this problem, and instead of replacing the cabinets, you can update your melamine cabinets. Interesting, right? Wanna learn how to update melamine kitchen cabinets?  Let’s show you the exact ways.

How to Update Melamine Kitchen Cabinets 1

The melamine laminate is often seen in different types of furniture. This laminate extends the design and the lifespan of the furniture items to the fullest. Honestly, it will change the overall design of your kitchen, and that’s why you have to pay proper attention to maintain the melamine laminate properly. Okay, we have talked much now; let’s dive into the process of maintaining the melamine laminate.

Apply a New Layer

Melamine surfaces have the capability to accept a new layer of color. So, you can take advantage and color up your melamine surfaces. In this case, you have to first disassemble the kitchen cabinet doors. It will help you to work more efficiently. Once you have removed the cabinet doors, prepare the surface for adding the colors. Clean it properly and remove grease from the surface, if any. After that, coat the surface with a premium primer and then start applying the paint evenly. Make sure to apply two or three layers of paint.

Apply A New Layer

If you struggle to apply the paint or prefer something enhanced, then you can use some latest self-adhesive films on the surfaces. These are also great and make the design more beautiful. But this type of update requires patience and expertise. If you haven’t done this before, it is recommended not to start this process.

Clean and Open View

How to Update Melamine Kitchen Cabinets 1

In this case, you can detach the doors permanently from your upper cabinets. It will offer you an open design along with your kitchen. Once you have removed that, apply some paints of fancy colors inside of the cabinet. If you can apply a uniform color, it will give the kitchen an elegant look and give you a suspicious feel.

In order to give more neatness to the design, you can open the cabinets and use baskets o glass jar instead of it. By adding some kitchen design tools, you can extend the overall design of your kitchen to the fullest. On the other hand, you can also keep a collection of cookbooks or timeless tableware in that place. It will keep your kitchen up to date.

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Funky Hardware

The special thing about the melamine door is that they have frameless doors. So, there is a scope of adding some stylish hardware. It will allow you to change your kitchen’s style completely.

In order to ensure this type of update, nothing will be as ideal as a sleek stainless-steel tube handle.

Add Some Stylish Hardware

You can also make the job done by creating a hip or a trendy effect when you are coloring your kitchen cabinets. As you are painting your kitchen cabinet, make sure to keep a country theme so that it can offer a refreshing look to your kitchen.

Upgrade the Appliances

If your kitchen cabinets are too old, then they will definitely need some fancy design on it. For this, you can adjust a built-in microwave oven over it or simply replace your old refrigerator with a newer model. It will offer your kitchen a contemporary look.

Final Thoughts

As we have said, there are several other tactics to update your melamine kitchen cabinets, but these are the simplest and inexpensive ways. Hopefully, you have understood the process, and you won’t have to ask anyone how to update melamine kitchen cabinets again.

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