How to Decorate a Journal Cover

A cool and visual cover can make your boring journal looks interesting. It can bring your mood back to the journal and make you use it more. Sooner or later, you will feel the importance of turning your boring book cover into an interesting one, and that’s why I am here to show you how to decorate a journal book cover with some interesting designs. But before we start, I will suggest you leave all your works for a couple of minutes and concentrate on this article until the end.

 So, tell me, have thought of any design for your own. Don’t worry; if you haven’t any. There are some cool designs and tons of ways of customizing your notebook covers. In fact, they are affordable too. You can simply use some DIY techniques and household items for this project. You just have to learn the exact techniques and put a little amount of effort. If you are ready to give that, I am ready to provide you with an easy to follow guide for decorating your journal cover. So, let’s dive in!

How to Decorate a Journal Cover

1.    Using Washi Tape

 Washi tape can be used for turning your journal cover quickly and easily. Okay, for starting with the process, you have to first select your favorite washi tape. It usually depends on the color of the cover; you have to figure that out based on your own preference. Once you figure that out, use some strips to create a cool pattern on the cover. Washi tapes aren’t much sticky, and that’s why you won’t face any complications while removing it. This means you can use as much pattern as you want without scratching the surface.

 2.    Adding Stickers

 Well, this is another easier way to decorate your journal cover. There are numerous stickers out there, and you can easily get them in stores. They offer a super-easy way to flair up your boring book cover. The best part of using the stickers is that you won’t have to worry about doing anything wrong. When you are using small stickers, you can put as much as you want until you get the vintage look on your boring book cover. For this, you can use stars, dots, hearts, butterflies, birds, and much more. It depends on your preference.

 3.    Using Metallic Marker

 If your journal cover is darker in color, then you can simply use your regular maker and pens to spice things up. So, check for these things; if you got them, you wouldn’t have to spend additional money on buying some metallic marker. Okay, now take your regular marker or the metallic marker and draw some stars and swirls on the cover. This simple technique will take your journal to the next level.

 4.    Add a New Book Cover

 Maybe you are sick of looking at your year’s old book cover. If that’s the case, you can change your book cover completely to give it a new look. For this, you can use some scrap paper or a paper bag, some glue, and some crafting materials. If you have got all of these, follow the simple method below:

 The Method

 For this project, I have selected my 2020 journal book, which is a blue traveler’s notebook with a grid insert. Inside of it, I am going to use a lot of scrapbook papers. Then I am going to pair it with some washi tapes, some stamping, and some ephemera as well. You can easily get them from your nearest shop; they are gonna cost a couple of bucks. I am using some speckle pale blue paper to kind of cover the spine and just break the old brown color. Okay, for the attachment, I am using some Elmer’s craft bond glue.

 Once I figured out the accurate measurement, I am using my Hello kitty box cutter to trim down the excess blue paper that I just have attached.

 Next, I am going to use some more scrapper paper that has a little bit of text on it, and then I am going to attach some film strip on it. I am just going to play around the texture, so ripping the paper, crumpling it up, or using some more scrap paper is going to help me do that. It is up to you what you are going to do and how you will make the design.

I have brought a few more things like the stamps and stickers to add on the cover. Lastly, I am using my clear stamps to put 2020 on the cover. Once I figured all the placement, I am going to secure their place with the glue. I will do the same on the other portion too.

 5.    Sticky Vinyl

 If you want a real notebook that’s gonna have a real marble-like appearance on its surface, you can add some sticky vinyl on it. You can easily get this adhesive vinyl at your nearest shop. They are stunning and offer a great look when you are going to put them on your journal cover. Applying them is also super easy; the manufacturer will provide you a complete guide for that.

 6.    Using Gold Foils

 You can use some lettering and embellishment on the cover by using some rub on gold foil. These are available on Amazon; you can easily bring them from there. These things are like two-sided stickers. So, you have to just put them on the accurate place and peel the top layer off from the film. Once you do that, take the sheet of gold foil and rub it over the sticker. Soon you will get your preferable gold foil letters and embellishments.

 7.    Readymade Journal Cover

 Maybe you aren’t much crafty and don’t have time for doing all these things. If that’s the case, you can simply bring some readymade book covers from the market. They are stylish and can change the older look of your journal. Moreover, you will get some essential pockets and pen holders with them. But before you move to buy one of them, make sure to check the size of your journal properly so that your investment doesn’t go in vain.

Final Thought

Hopefully, these tips are going to be helpful to turn your boring journal cover into an interesting one. If you can follow the exact technique, you won’t have to ask anyone how to decorate a journal cover again. In case if you feel hesitation and need some assistance, feel free to let me know through the comment section below.

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