How to Fix Ripped Paper without Tape

It is quite natural that sometimes the pages inside the book get torn; this generally happens due to the reader’s inconvenience. But using tape for the attachment of the pages will still keep a stain on the paper, and book lovers do not like it. For this reason, today, we are going to show you a technique on how to fix ripped paper without tape. This will be much beneficial for you, and the paper will also look like nothing has ever happened.

How to Fix Ripped Paper without Tape


For this process, you will require quite a few things, among them at first you will need a liquid adhesive. You can use any renowned one. But we suggest that you use the DEMCO liquid adhesive; this is much sturdy. Then you will need a waxed paper from the proper attachment, and you will also need a bone folder for adequate marking and ease of use. In addition to these, you will also require some cheesecloth, a mending stick, and a book weight.


Step One

First, you have to take the book clean the pages because any debris might reduce the element’s adhesive feature. Now you have to take the wax paper and put it under the torn page. This is done because the usage of adhesive will not affect the other pages.

DEMCO liquid , waxed paper , bone folder

Step Two

In this step, you have to take the adhesive and open the bottle. You have already gathered the mending stick, and now you have to sue the mending stick. The process of using the mending stick is quite simple. You have to dip the mending stick in the liquid adhesive, and then gently apply the glue attached part of the rod to the torn part. You have to be much sincere that only both torn pieces get in touch with the adhesive.

Step Three

Once you have applied the adhesives on both the torn parts, you have to press both parts against the wax paper, which we have already placed below the paper at the very beginning. After pressing the papers, you will see that some excess adhesive has precipitated above the torn part. This should be handled properly, and you have to use a cheesecloth to wipe off the extra glue.

Step Four

In this step, you have to use the bone folder. Until now, the adhesive has been applied to the torn-part, and the excess is eliminated using the cheesecloth. Now you have applied equal pressure on the torn part. For this, you have to another wax paper and place it above the page, and in this way, the torn page will have a sandwich cover of wax paper. Then tale the bone folder and gently apply pressure on the adhesive used a portion from top to bottom.

fix ripped

Step Five

This is the last step of the process, and this is the most natural part of the whole technique. After you have applied the bone folder, you have to close the books, place a paperweight on the book, and then set it aside for a couple of hours. As the adhesive dries, the ripped paper will get easily fixed.


In conclusion, we hope that the technique that we have exhibited here has been of much help to fix your ripped pages in the book. The book will gain back the originality after using this technique to fix the pages, and the book worms will also love to have a functional readout of it. Thank you for your patience! Happy reading!!

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