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Playhouse is a memorable part of our childhood. This is a great way to make the time enjoyable for your kids. The siblings can easily play in this house and have a playful atmosphere. But sometimes, the regular arrangement of the playhouses makes the kids bored. In such cases, it will be much beneficial if the playhouse is decorated. Many techniques can be implemented for decorating the playhouse, and all of these will require ordinary household skills today. We are going to discuss some of these techniques for decorating a playhouse.


  • Painting

The first thing that you can do to decorate your playhouse is by applying paint on the surface. This will enhance the playhouse’s beauty, and the entire outlook of the playhouse will be changed. It was better to use the colors, which will keep the internal environment of the house warm and atmosphere friendly. Besides, you can also use the colors which are preferred by your kid. This will let your kid spend more time playing inside the house, which will be much beneficial.

For painting the playhouse, you will need some essential elements, at first you have to buy the colors. You can use any suitable color you want for the playhouse. Then you will need a sash brush and roller brush. You will also need some necessary woodworking instruments like a hammer and screwdriver. Then you will need a primer. This is much important for getting the proper connection of the paint to the walls. You will also need sandpaper for this process.

Once you have managed all these elements, you have to start the process. At first, you have to remove all the metal attachments used for decoration purposes in the house. It will be best if you remove doors and windows form the house before painting. This will allow you to have a good hold while painting the walls. After you have detached all these, you have to start the primary process of painting the playhouse. You have to start with the primer.

The primer is a pre-coating of paint given on the surfaces; this helps to enhance the surface’s adhesive quality. Before applying the primer, you have to start by cleaning the surface. You can use sandpaper of minimal grit to clear the dust from the surfaces. This is essential for the whole painting process because the debris attached to the playhouse walls will reduce the wall’s integrity and paint. So it would be best if you cleaned the wall before painting.

Once the walls are cleaned, you can start the painting process. The primer should be applied before the paint. You have to apply for a permanent cat of primer. Once the primer is dried, you have to start with the primary color. You can use the desired color, but you must maintain the ecological balance of the interior. You should not use dark colors as the exterior of your playhouse because it will increase the interior portion’s temperature. You have to use a sash brush to apply the paint along the walls’ boundaries, and then you have to use a roller brush to apply the paint on the central portion of the walls.

Once the first layer of paint is applied, you have to wait for the color to dry. After the first layer is dried, you have to apply the second coating of paint. You have to use the manner for applying the paint. Besides, you can preserve the brush by covering it with a plastic sheet. Plastic sheets will resist the dripping of the color, and the paint will not be dried. In this manner, you will apply paint on the walls. After this, you can use a clear coat on the wall to make the paint firm.

  • Shelf and Canopy

You can also decorate the playhouse by adding some shelves and canopy to the house. Doe this, you will need some necessary woodworking instruments. You will need a drill machine and some metal fasteners. Then you will need a hammer and pencil for marking the places.  Then you will need a measuring tape. This will be essential for taking the correct measurement of the wood. Once you have gathered all these, the installation of canopy and shelves can begin.

At first, you have to install the triangular bracing. For this, you have to measure the in-between length of the canopy, and then you can easily cut the cloth according to the dimension. We will discuss more the fabric later. Now you have to hold the bracing on the wall, and then, using a pencil, you have to mark the points for drilling the screws. Then you have to use a drill machine and drill holes in those places. After the holes are made, you have to start connecting the bracing with metal fasteners. In this way, you have to click both the bracings on the wall.

Now you have to connect the triangular bracing using a regular wooden plank. This will be used as a shelf. For connecting the wooden plank, you have to drill holes on the base of the triangular bracing, and then, using metal fasteners, you have to attach the wooden plank. Once the wooden planks are connected firmly to the wall, you have to attach some hooks at the plank’s front end. This will be used for connecting the cloth used for making the canopy.

Now you have to take the cloth and cut it according to the length of the intermediate space. Then using a hook and ring arrangement, you have to attach the fabric to the wooden plank. You can also add a small metal strip at the tip of the fabric. This will allow the material to stay still in a windy atmosphere. Once the total arrangement is prepared, you can easily use it for multi-purpose. Your kid can sit under the canopy, and the shelf can also be used for keeping small plants.

  • Miscellaneous Decoration

Besides the techniques mentioned earlier, some various designs can be implemented for decorating the playhouse. The primary function of having a playhouse is to provide a realistic household experience to your kid. For this reason, you can apply some curtains on the windows of the playhouse. For this, you will need some thin cloths and using a pressing machine, and you can make a vacant space for inserting the rod. Then you can place the curtains on the windows to make it more realistic.

Then you can make small wooden chairs and beds and place them inside the playhouse. You kids will love to spend time in the playhouse and can also take rest in it. But for this, you must ensure that there is ample space inside the playhouse because some playhouses are small in size, so such an arrangement will not be viable in them.

Then you can also install some dummy kitchen appliances in the house. This will make it look more practical. Besides, if the playhouse is situated on the lawn, you can make a small garden at the back of the house and connect it with a door. In this way, your kid will also learn to take care of trees and have a joyful time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope that the processes we have stated here will surely help decorate the playhouse. The beginners can quickly learn these techniques, and these processes will benefit the persons interested in DIY activities. Thank you for your precious time. Happy crafting! Have a nice day!

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