How to Fix a Shower Door That Won’t Close

A shower door that won’t close is a problem, especially if you want to get in and out of the shower without getting wet. Fortunately, there are several things you can do before calling for professional help. This article will walk through some standard solutions on how to fix a shower door that won’t close. 

Getting your shower door closed without slamming it shut is an excellent way of reducing the risk of injury. But, if you are one of those who have an icky feeling when they know something isn’t right, but can’t quite put their finger on what’s wrong and why it feels so off, this article will help solve the mystery for you.

How to Fix a Shower Door That Won't Close

10 Ways on How to Fix a Shower Door That Won’t Close:

1. Remove the Door and Clean the Rollers:

Often, shower doors that won’t open or close properly need to be cleaned. Open the door and remove any small items from between the rollers on both sides of the door. Next, spray a little alcohol down each track and wipe it out with a soft rag.

You can also use denatured alcohol, but avoid using a lot of water because it could damage the seal between the door and the track.

2. Clean or Straighten Out Bent Roller Wheels:

If a door isn’t opening or closing smoothly, one possible solution is to replace or clean any bent or damaged rollers. Another thing you can try is running a flat-head screwdriver between the wheel and the track to ensure the wheel isn’t stuck in its brackets.

A bent or broken roller will often cause a shower door that won’t close or open properly, and you can replace the part relatively easily with a screwdriver and pliers.

3. Check for Sagging:

If your track is sagging, there’s probably not much you can do to fix it. However, a sagging way poses a significant danger to you and others, so you must select the problem as soon as possible.

Check for sagging

A tensioning device is available from some shower door manufacturers that can be installed into the existing track of an older shower door system. Make sure that the rollers on both sides of your shower door are in good condition and that they’re clean enough to keep from sticking. You can also use a little bit of silicone grease on the rollers every few months.

4. Adjust the Door:

If your shower door doesn’t open or close because it’s not aligned with the frame, you’ll have to adjust it by loosening each set of screws on the bottom track.

After you’ve loosened each set, pull the door out and gently ease it back into its frame with either your hands or a rubber mallet (be careful not to hit the glass). Tighten each screw again and see if the door now moves appropriately.

5. Adjust or Tighten Loose Hinges:

If your door seems to close properly, but the hinges are squeaking or moving around on the frame, you can adjust them relatively easily with a screwdriver. Tension the adjusting screws so that there is no slack in the hinge when it moves back and forth, but don’t tighten them too much because this could cause damage to your door.

6. Replace the Hinges Entirely:

If you’ve tried all these solutions without success, your hinges are probably worn out or damaged and need to be replaced entirely. You can get new ones at Lowe’s or any home improvement store for just a few dollars each (depending on the brand).

7. Check for Broken or Damaged Rollers::

Sometimes the rollers on a shower door will get jammed with dirt and debris, causing them to break off entirely. In this case, you can remove all the debris inside the track with a brush or vacuum. Sometimes it might be difficult to clean out every last piece of dirt, so you can also try using a little bit of oil to loosen up the wheel. If this doesn’t work, then you’ll probably have to replace the door completely.

8. Try Adjusting Your Door Stops:

If your shower door is aligned correctly but rubs against the side of the opening, then that’s probably because it’s touching one of the door stops that hold it in place. So first, open your shower door and check the side of the opening to see if it’s hitting either end stop.

If you’re unsure, start at one end of the door and rock it back and forth while applying pressure to both ends. Once you find out where it is rubbing, adjust by moving the stops with a screwdriver.

9. Check for Obstructions:

Your door needs to be able to close properly, and one way to make sure of that is to have a clean seal. If there’s something blocking the seal, you can try to remove it yourself or use a vacuum cleaner attachment to get rid of it.

10. Fix the Glass:

If your door seems to be closing properly, but there’s a gap between the top of the glass and the bottom of the door, then you can try to close that up by putting some rubber bumpers between them at each corner.

you can try to close that up by putting some rubber bumpers

This usually happens because either one or both rollers on your shower door are too high. Test the adjustment by opening and closing your shower door a few times until you can’t see any more daylight coming in between.

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1. Make sure the door is open before doing all these steps.

2. Be careful using tools around water. They can easily slip and hurt you. Also, some of the materials that are being used to fix the issue are sharp, so remember to wear gloves or be extremely cautious when touching them.

3. Make sure you know what you are doing before trying to fix the door. It would be very unfortunate if someone were to get hurt while trying to fix it without knowing how.

4. If the steps below do not work, it is probably better to call a plumber instead of attempting something that might cause more harm than good.


The shower door is a crucial part of the bathroom, but it can also become an eyesore if not properly maintained. If your shower door won’t close or seal shut, there are some easy ways how to fix a shower door that won’t close so you never have to deal with that again! All you need for most cases is silicone caulk and water-resistant adhesive tape.

Silicone will create a waterproof seal on the crack where the two doors meet while also creating a flexible bond between them and any joints in their track system. The tape will prevent leaks from forming around those areas too!  For more information on fixing other issues with a shower door, contact our team of experts today!

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