How to Finish Knitting a Hat on a Loom


Knitting is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. And if you are new at it, then it is quite interesting to learn the technique. It is quite intriguing to learn new things, which will help develop your skills. Knitting a hat is quite a curious task. Suppose you want to gift something to newborn; then, the best way to show you love towards the newborn is to gift something that you have prepared on your own. And in this case, a knitted hat can be a great choice.

But knitting a hat requires some particular skill, and the most crucial question in the learners’ minds is the ending of the cap. We use yarn or wool to knit the whole hat, which is the most convenient way to make a hat. The starting of knitting is quite easy, and you can do it by the basic techniques that you have learned. But to finish the hat there, you have to enclose the whole hat with the loom.

To finish knitting a hat on a loom, you must follow a unique process. Today, we are here to suggest the technique of how to finish knitting a hat on a loom. We will provide a detailed description of the whole process, which will benefit you. You will be able to learn the process efficiently, and your skill will be much improved.

How to Finish Knitting a Hat on a Loom

Required Apparatus

For finishing the exact knitting of your hat using the perfect loom, you will need some apparatus that will make the work much more comfortable. These instruments are a vital part of the process, and you can quickly get them at your nearest shop or use the internet to order them. The first thing that you will require for this process is wool.

This wool should be pure quality wool that you are using for the entire hat knitting. Please use the same yarn that you are currently using. Then it would help if you took the knitting needle. This knitting needle will be used for the whole knitting process. And you must be careful while using the needle.

The last thing that you need is the frame, or you can also call it the holding tack. This will let you have to make the ending of the hat much more precisely, and then you can easily unhook this frame. Various sizes are applicable for this frame, and you can also adjust the size of the structure as per your need for knitting. So make sure to get these apparatus at your side before starting the process.

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In this section, we have divided the whole process into distinct parts and will discuss them separately. The entire process together will combine the proper ending of your hat knitting. Collecting the loom and all the other accessories is a prerequisite for performing the procedure. The steps are stated below, which will be beneficial for beginners.

In this section, we have divided the whole process into distinct parts and will discuss them separately. The entire process together will combine the proper ending of your hat knitting. Collecting the loom and all the other accessories is a prerequisite for performing the procedure. The steps are stated below, which will be beneficial for beginners.

Step 1: Placing the Holding Tack

One of the most critical aspects of knitting the hat is giving it a proper finish; for this reason, you must have a holding tack as a critical apparatus. This holding tack will be used to place the wool and the part of the hat that has already been knitted. For this step, you have to take the holding tack and adjust the dimension according to the elasticity of your wool and the size of your cap. Then you have to take the total hat and fold it upside down.

Fold It Upside Down

Step 2: Placing the Wool in the Frame

For this step, you have to make yarn that you already have taken as upside down, and then you have to take the last layer of the thread of your hat and then spread the wool. There are specific distinctive vertical hooks in the frame that will be used to attach the yarn. You have to put the vertical hooks inside each loop created in the hat by the wool. In this manner, the total cap will be placed in the holding tack, and then we will go to the next step.

Step 3: Placing the New Yarn

The next step is to place the new yarn in the holding tack. For this reason, you have to take a ball of separate wool. But before that, you must cut the existing wool attached to the hat and keep at least five inches of free yarn at the cut end. This is essential for the finishing task because this open end will be used afterward for enclosing purposes. We will come to this part of the process later in our discussion.

Now for the new loop, we first have to take the right amount of wool, and then we have to fold it into two halves and not cut it. In this way, we will reduce the new yarn from the bottom, but we must ensure that the amount of wool we have taken, including the folding, is larger than the size of the frame. For this reason, a straightforward calculation is taking the yarn four times the circumference of the frame.

Because when you will fold the wool into half, it will also be able to make a proper circle around the frame, and there will still be some leftovers that you will be able to use for future processes. Now you have to take on the end of the loop that you have folded into halves and place it side the hook of the holding tack. In this manner, the new loop will be placed inside the holding tack. Afterward, you have to keep at least five to six hooks gap for the next step.

Step 4: Knitting the New Yarn

In the previous step, we have mentioned you to keep at least five hooks gaps after placing the wool, and now after a distinct difference, you will take the wool and then put it below the last layer of the yarn of the hat and then use the needle. The needle

Put It Below the Last Layer of Yarn

will hold the new thread and then bring it from below the main yarn layer and the take it outside above the layer, and this will attach both the original wool and the old wool layer.

Knitting the New Yarn

A knot will occur at the place, and you have to take the whole portion of the new yarn out of the loop. In this manner, you will knit the entire main yarn layer with the original wool encircling the frame, and at a point, you will come to the hook, which you have used to place the starting of the new loop. In this step, you have taken out the wool form the hook much carefully and then continues the knitting. In this manner, a whole layer of new yarn will be knitted.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

After you have finished the total knitting and the frame, you will have a total of three detached loops. There will be cut portion of the main yarn that is used for the hat knitting, and then there is the leftover portion of the new thread that is not used for the knitting and then lastly there is the first portion of the original wool that is was used to attach the yarn to the holding tack.

Now you have to take the first and last free wool and tighten the hat by stretching the yarns. Then you will see that the opening at the end of the cap will get closed. Now you must perform the final task, tying a knot on both the wools. You have to tie a tight knot to join the yarns, and then you can unfold the hat. In this manner, you will get the whole knitting of the hat finished using the loon, and it will be worth admiring.

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

Needle and Hooks

The essential aspect you should keep in mind while performing the knitting is the safe use of a needle. We know that the edge of the needle is quite sharp, so proper care and sensitivity should be maintained while using the needle to knit. The best way to manage this is to wear protective gloves, which will give a firm hold over the needle and protect your hand from subsequent injuries.


Is There Any Specification Regarding the Loom?

Is There Any Specification Regarding the Loom

Many looms are used for the proper knitting of hats, but as a beginner, you must use the loom, which will be very convenient. For this reason, we suggest you use the circular looms available on the internet. The product should be made of plastic so that it does not hurt your fingers while placing the yarn in them. In this manner, you can easily use the loom and improve your skill.


In conclusion, we would like to say that, our step by step process of learning the technique on how to finish knitting a hat on a loom has been much beneficial for you as a beginner and this will help you immensely to improve your DIY skill. Happy knitting! Have a beautiful day!!

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