How to Stiffen a Wool Felt Hat

Most caps are crafted out of felting, including fedoras to cowboy hats. This will start losing its form after the hat is used some very days and subjected to humidity, like rainfall or body oils. To get them reformed, several individuals give their felt caps to experts; however, this is an unnecessary cost.

An affordable, healthy solution for re-stiffening a hat could be fabricated from items quickly accessible in the kitchen cupboards. Cornstarch is a cheap and nutrition-based alternative, a basic stiffener which is organic, strong, and secure to be used on felt tasks that even a small child could finish up loosening up.

The operation of the cornstarch’s toughening capabilities takes several measures, but the hardening capacity is remarkable. Integrate this technique with the cooking process below wool felt with ample stiffness for additional-stiff felt to make free-standing detailed felt pieces.

Based on the quantity of cornstarch utilized, any use of cornstarch gives quite sufficient stiffness. Which could be used on some felt, but you can quit allowing a still-hit cornstarch formula to make contact with felt crafted from human-made components. Cornstarch-stiffened felt that performing could be less rigid with age. If the starched felt is cleaned thoroughly, so it can minimize hardening.


  • Through a medium-sized boiling pot, add 1/4 cup cornstarch.
  • To the pot, pour 1 cup of water.
  • Take the kettle, occasionally stirring, to an intense boiling on the higher flame.
  • Decrease the heat to moderate and keep the solution to boil until the cornstarch has melted entirely, and the combination has become depth and is stable. To ensure the solution doesn’t ignite, blend the components regularly.
  • Take the fire mix and leave to cool thoroughly, then use a tiny brush to add it to the felt cap.
  • In an air-tight bag, put it in the fridge the residual solution for upwards to one week.

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