How To Fix Kicked By Server Roblox

In this article, we discuss how to fix kicked by server Roblox. Every Roblox player has experienced the frustration of being kicked by a server. This game is so popular; it can’t keep up with its own demand, and servers go down all the time. It’s especially frustrating when you’re in the middle of a game and get booted out because someone else joins or logs on to play at just that moment.

How To Fix Kicked By Server Roblox

There are ways to avoid getting kicked by using an alternate internet connection or playing during off-peak hours, but what if another way? We will go through each of these solutions below and give you tips on how to fix kicked by server Roblox so that you can play again!

Reasons Why Kicked by Server Roblox:

Your computer’s connection speed

This is the most common cause of getting kicked by server Roblox, and it can happen to anyone. IFor example, if your internet service provider advertises a large amount of bandwidth. Still, you cannot maintain a steady connection; then this problem may be with your computer or router.

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Your Computer's Connection Speed

You are using a proxy

This is another common mistake that can result in being kicked by server Roblox. If you have not set up your internet connection correctly, then it may be routed through a proxy site which will cause the error.

You are using an old browser

This is a common error that can happen when the browser does not work with Roblox.

Your internet service provider

In some cases, your ISP blocks the connection to Roblox. This can happen for a variety of reasons and may be difficult or impossible to fix on your own.

Too much traffic on the server

In some cases, the server is too busy and you need to wait for a while before trying again or try from another location.

Solutions: How to Fix Kicked by Server Roblox 

  1. Restart the client
  2. Clear cache and data from Roblox app
  3. Update your device’s OS version.
  4. Try to get the newest Roblox version.
  5. Update your internet connection, and check that all plugins are up to date.
  6. Restart your computer or device if you have done everything so far, but it’s still not working out.
  7. Try to change the game from Fullscreen Mode to Windowed or Borderless.
  8. Try unplugging any devices that might be using WiFi and connecting a mobile hotspot or Ethernet cable instead for a better connection.
  9. If the problem persists, it could also be caused by a firewall blocking Roblox’s connection to your device or router settings that are not configured correctly. The solution would then be to find out how to change these for Roblox and other apps on your phone or tablet to work properly.

Precautions To Take

  1. Never message any Roblox staff member about getting a unban. This will result in your account being permanently banned.
  2. Do not use third-party software such as or the likes of these programs. They are often viruses and malware that steal information. They can also be used to exploit Roblox servers and client software.
  3. Do not be rude or disrespectful to staff members when asking them for help with an issue that you are having. This will result in a warning, ban, or your account being permanently banned, depending on the severity of the situation. If you feel like any action taken by Roblox was unfair and unjustified, please message Roblox Support.
  4. Never give out your login information to anyone unless it is necessary for you to play the game or use a service that requires an account and password.
  5. Use two-factor authentication on any online accounts if possible. This will help prevent anything from happening with those accounts without your knowledge and consent (i.e., someone hacking into them).

Tips to Play Roblox Game Efficiently

  1. Make sure to have a good internet connection.
  2. Play for at least 30 minutes at one time, or else your Roblox will be kicked by the server, and you’ll end up in an endless loop of being kicked out because it thinks that there’s something wrong with the computer network.
  3. Use a VPN if playing on public wifi so people can’t track what game you play, which they could use as proof against those who use Roblox inappropriately or illegally (like gambling).
  4. Use Roblox’s built-in chat system for socializing with other players.
  5. Play on a computer that has a good graphics card to avoid lag.
Play on a Computer That Has a Good Graphics Card to Avoid Lag

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Not Get Kicked Out Of A Roblox Game?

To prevent you from getting kicked out of a Roblox Game, you can play in the game for at least an hour. If that doesn’t prove effective, try to buy some Robux and use it on your character’s movement speed or health. This will cause less lag when using these features. You might also want to try disconnecting from Wi-Fi and connecting to a different network.

How Do I Prevent My Screen From Freezing When Playing?

If the screen freezes, there might be a problem with your connection. Try using another Wi-Fi network or make sure that you are not downloading any other programs while playing Roblox.

Do I Need A Good Internet Connection To Play Roblox?

Yes, you need a good Internet connection to play Roblox. If your connection is having problems like lag or freezing screens, then turn on the power saving settings and try reconnecting to Wi-Fi. You can also try restarting your router and/or computer to get rid of lag when playing. If that doesn’t work, then disconnect from Wi-Fi and connect to a different network.

I Can’t Log In To My Account On Roblox! What Do I Do?

If you’re having trouble logging into your account on Roblox, this is usually because your account was hacked. This means that somebody may have stolen your password and used it to create a new one for their own purposes. To fix the issue, you will first want to call customer support and tell them that your account was hacked.
They should be able to help you fix the problem, so follow their instructions carefully. If they can’t do anything for you, there’s a chance that someone may have changed your password without your knowledge or permission. This means that somebody else can log into your account and take control of it. To fix this, you will want to change your password on Roblox as soon as possible.

How Do You Get Good At Roblox?

I recommend you start by playing on a new server and make sure you follow the game rules. Also, play with an active friend who will help teach you how to navigate the map better. Many skills can be learned in Roblox, but some take time to master, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it right away.


The popular game Roblox is a hot spot for children to play. It has been around since 2006 and now boasts over 48 million players per month. Yet some are finding themselves kicked out of the server, which can be frustrating! In this blog post, we have discussed how to fix kicked by server Roblox so that your child isn’t left with anything to do when they’re booted from their favorite game. 

At first, it may seem like there’s no way to avoid being kicked off of the server as sometimes it seems completely random or due to lag issues in the game itself, but there are ways that you can prevent yourself from getting booted!

You should always make sure that your computer is updated with the latest patches and that you have a decent internet connection. Roblox is an online game, so it relies on your device to connect to their servers which may not always be available, especially if there’s some issue in the server or other problems outside of your control.

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