How to Hang a Mirror on a Door Without Nails


Have you ever seen a picture of a room and thought, “Wow! I really like that mirror, but there is no way I can hang that on my door. It would take someone with an engineering degree to figure out how to hang it without breaking the door or the frame.” Hanging something heavy on a thin piece of wood or metal isn’t easy. To avoid ruining your door or other fixtures where you might want to place hanging mirrors, you’ll have to be very careful when installing them. For this reason, today, I will discuss how to hag a mirror on a door without nails.

how to hang a mirror on a door without nails

Step-wise Guide on How to Hang a Mirror on a Door Without Nails

  • After finding out the measurements, hold a ruler to your wall where you want the mirror fitted in (don’t forget it should be placed above 6 inches from the top of the door) and make a mark along one side with pencil marking on either side so that you get an equal distance between both sides of your mirror when hung up. Make sure there is at least a 50 mm gap between two marks made till this point. Usually, mirrors are fixed centrally, but if you want to fix it on one side, you must measure the left and right at equal distances from the middle point.
  • After measuring, cut a piece of wood out of plywood or MDF board (without using nails) that fits the measurements you have taken while measuring for mirror size and the distance between your two wall marks that were made during the initial stages. Make sure both sides are the same and strong enough to not break under the weight of the mirror.
  • measure the door frame and note down the width, length, and height. This will help you to get an idea about your mirror size later on.
Use a Tape
  • While fixing this prepared wooden board on the wall, be careful about its placement; make sure the uppermost part is even with the top edge of the door frame and also close enough to reach a center point, which was marked by pencil earlier on the wall when you measured once you have marked on the wall where to fix it, remove anything attached to that part of walls like wallpaper, pictures or any other decorative item.
  • Now that your wooden board is ready and sure about its placement, apply some suitable adhesive from the backside of the wooden board using a putty knife to fix it on the wall firmly. If there are surfaces that require smooth finishing while attaching mirror later on, then before applying adhesive, coat them with sandpaper for an equal surface finish once dry.
  • When glue/adhesive gets dried up and hardens up (which takes hardly a few minutes), take a good hold of a flat hand screwdriver to prepare holes for a screw into the wooden board so that it can be fixed tight. Fix holes for screws on both sides, just enough so the mirror will hang loosely but not high enough to touch the floor when hanged up. In case of doors that are big in size, you might need extra support from a second person to hold one side of the door while other people fix the wooden board on the wall or a third person to help out with this fixing job depends upon the situation and requirement.
  • Once you have marked places for fixing wood board on the wall, first attach hooks into them and then fix the backside of the wooden panel onto itself by inserting prepared hook tips inside prepared hole like patterns formed in earlier steps (don’t forget to apply the adhesive from the backside). This should ensure that your prepared mirror hanging board hangs firmly whenever you fit the mirror on it.
  • Before installing your mirror, take a printout of this image and stick it to the opposite side of the prepared wooden board so that you can easily hang your mirror while fixing it in later steps. This printed image will help you place your hands holding up the frame of the mirror correctly inside wooden board holes at the desired place; these are the places where hooks were fixed earlier on the backside of the wooden panel/board.
Use Wood Clips

Now, all you need to do is fix a hook from each hole (holes for fixation were already there) into eyelets that are already present on the backside or face side of the glass portion of your stand-alone or wall full-length mounted mirror. Do not use nails for hanging mirrors but instead use hooks to fix them so that reflection is not disturbed. For a better look, you can also install LED lights in the holes you made before.

Precautions While Performing How to Hang a Mirror on a Door Without Nails

Before we get to know how to hang a mirror on a door without nails, let us look at the precaution that has to be taken while doing so.

  • You should ensure that you clean up all debris and dust from the area before attempting this job.
  • You must use high-quality glue instead of low-grade ones as they tend to leave residue or damage the surface of your door’s frame after it dries up. Also, low-grade glue does not hold well even if some time has passed since hanging your dead.
  • You also need to avoid using too many adhesives since excess amount can’t be cleaned off easily and may become visible over time, making such an installation undesirable for other purposes like painting or even a new wallpaper.
  • You should also make sure that you select the mirror that is the perfect size for your door frame. If it is too large or small, there might be a gap present either on the upper side of the wall or on the floor, which looks ugly and untidy. It makes the area look messy and unprofessional and reduces its aesthetic value when left unattended.
  • If the dead has glass in it, you need to clean all spots, smudges, or blemishes from it before proceeding with the installation of the mirror. Removing them while installing will only add to your effort and increase the time required to complete the project, which may not be ideal in some circumstances since you have to rush for work the next morning, etcetera.
  • You have to choose a heavy-duty bar that can support the dead properly. Since low-quality ones break easily, hence you should be very careful while purchasing one for your project.
  • If you want your mirror to hang vertically on the wall, you need to carefully measure its width and height before cutting it into two parts. You may also get wrong measurements if you do not use the right tools like a digital tape measure or steel measuring tape during this process which can result in less than the perfect installation of dead making the whole job useless after you spend so much money time and effort on completing it successfully.

Can Command Strips Hold Mirrors?

Use Corner Brackets

When hanging a picture on the wall without using nails or screws, many people think of Command Strips. But can they be used for mirrors?

Command Strips are designed to hold small pictures or items weighing less than five pounds. If you hang a heavier mirror than this (generally around fifteen pounds), it may come off the wall when someone walks into your home and yanks on it. Using heavy-duty Command Strips isn’t recommended because there’s no guarantee you won’t lose the mirror. The only fix is to redo your project completely. A heavy-duty mirror doesn’t have to mean a huge one. If you want to hang a larger picture on your wall, it may be best to look for something else that can handle the weight.

Other Hanging Options There are better ways to hang a heavy mirror without risking its safety. While these options use screws and nails, they’re safer than using Command Strips. Heavy-dutyMirror Plate Mounted on the Wall If you don’t want to drill holes in your wall, you can buy a mirror plate and mount it onto the wall.

The first option is to use corner brackets, which are usually made of metal and sometimes plastic. They look like large picture hooks and can be attached to the back of the mirror using a drill or screwdriver. No hammering is required; just slip the brackets over the edge of the mirror and into place. You might need several brackets depending on how heavy your mirror is. The second option is to use a hanging wire, also known as a French cleat. This system uses a small nail in the wall behind your door or on your bathroom vanity. Then you attach two pieces of wood (they come with your system) using screws into place at an angle on either side of the hole where you placed your nail.

Slip the Brackets Over the Edge


If you want to hang a mirror on a door without using nails, you can use adhesive strips or Velcro. Adhesive strips are strips of sticky tape that you attach to the back of the mirror. Then you peel off the backing and stick the mirror to the door. Velcro is two pieces of fabric with a sticky backing. You attach one piece to the back of the mirror and the other piece to the door. Then you press the two pieces together to make the mirror stick to the door.

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