How to Break a Large Mirror Safely


Breaking a large mirror can be quite an ordeal.  This article will teach you how to break a large mirror safely and with little risk of injury.  There are many processes associated with this act, but all of them are not straightforward. So I will be discussing an easy technique regarding breaking a large glass mirror. So let us get into the core discussion.

How to Break a Large Mirror Safely

Step-wise Guide on How to Break a Large Mirror Safely

Step 1: Hold the Mirror Tightly

Hold the mirror in a way that you would break it. Bracing your hands and holding tightly will help make breaking easier; however, avoid placing your fingers near the edge of the glass because glass splinters can give you small cuts that may lead to bleeding.

Step 2: Lay a Thick Blanket Diagonally

Lay a thick blanket on the floor wide enough for you to stand on. Place the mirror on top of it without letting any part of your feet or shins touch the glass.

Step 3: Break the Mirror

To break a mirror, stand on top of the blanket with your feet apart and use your weight to step onto the mirror. This is important because if you were to drop or throw something at a hanging mirror, there is a possibility that the debris would fall in unpredictable directions due to gravity. However, breaking the mirror on the floor would make it easier to collect broken fragments without them scattering all over the floor.

Step 4: Remove the Broken Pieces of Mirror

Carefully pick up the broken pieces of the mirror using gloves or some other protective gear that you have. Put them into a garbage bag and place them in an outdoor garbage can to prevent injuries, especially if there are small children around your home. It is also recommended that you vacuum the area where the mirror was dropped since the broken glass may pose health risks if it is not cleaned up properly.

Step 5: Make Sure There’s No More Sharp Edge Left

After you have picked up all the pieces of broken mirror, check to see if there are any sharp edges. Cover any sharp edges with tape or another material to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Check Whether There Are Still Sharp Edges

Step 6: Cover the Broken Mirror With a Cloth

You should cover up any exposed pieces of mirror with a cloth to prevent people from accidentally cutting themselves. The cloth should be thick enough to be durable, but thin enough so that it won’t be obstructive in the room.

Step 7: Dispose of the Cloth After Some Time

After a certain period, dispose of the cloth into your garbage bag because you don’t have to keep it forever. Even though it is unlikely that anyone will step on any small pieces of glass left, it is still recommended that you collect and dispose of them for safety reasons. Dry Mop/Sweep Once you have a dry cloth, now is the time to dry mop your floor.

Take the dry cloth and wipe down all of the areas that were damp from the water on the previous step. This will make sure that there are no areas that can slip during the rest of the cleaning process.

Step 8: Carefully Sweep Away the Area

Cleaning up the room should be done carefully so that you don’t accidentally step on any pieces of broken glass. Use a broom or dustpan to sweep up any loose pieces of glass and dispose of them in your garbage bag when you are finished.

 Dispose of Any Loose Pieces of Glass Left

Some Helpful Tips and Advice:

1. After breaking the mirror onto a blanket, large shards of glass pieces will be left on top of it. A broom can sweep the shards off of the blanket and onto a dustpan. This can be done carefully, as some pieces may still be lodged in the blanket and could cut your feet if they are not correctly swept off.

2. A pair of thick gloves should be worn when breaking and handling large pieces of glass. Although this step is not recommended, some people prefer to wear goggles for additional protection.

3. The mirror may shatter further, causing more damage than intended. Again, the best practice to avoid injuries would be to hire a professional to remove the mirror instead.

4. A thick blanket should be prepared where the broken mirror will be handled. The blanket can help avoid damages to floors, countertops, etc. when removing it from the wall.

Precautions While Learning How to Break a Large Mirror Safely

  • Do not break a mirror with an iron rod, sword, etc. Instead, keep it as close to the mirror as possible and move it back/forward over the glass without touching it. The mirror will fall away from you intact
  • Wear heavy gloves while breaking the mirror. Broken pieces can cut your hands or face
Wear Heavy Gloves While Breaking the Mirror.
  • Do not attempt to remove broken glass or sharp edges of large pieces by hand – use thick leather gloves for this purpose
  • Do not let children within reach of splintering glass while breaking a large piece of the mirror into smaller pieces
  • Because of wrong reasons like superstition- nobody should be made to break a large piece of mirror on floor or ground – its ill omen and bad luck for them
  • Remove all furniture, glass objects, or fragile articles from the room before starting to break the mirror – broken pieces of glass can fall on these things injuring you and damaging them
  • Do not stand in front or behind a large piece of the mirror while breaking it into smaller parts- stand at the side so that shards fly away from you
  • If a child comes under the falling mirror, don’t try to catch them as you may cut your hands with splintering fragments – instead, move sideways slowly so that child falls safely on the floor without getting hurt by broken glass pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Cut a Bathroom Mirror into Half?

Bathroom mirrors are a straightforward task to cut in half, but safety should always be your priority. Ensure that you wear goggles, gloves, and protective clothing when cutting or breaking the glass to avoid accidental cuts or injuries. You may also want to consider wearing earplugs as well so that you can block out the sound of the shattering glass once it shatters.

To make this project go smoothly, you’ll need a mirror cutter tool designed specifically for breaking mirrors into smaller pieces, without harming yourself. You can purchase one of these online or from a hardware store near you; they normally run under $15 and work very quickly, because they use an electric motor to cut the glass.

Use an Electric Motor To Cut the Glass

Another method you could use to cut a bathroom mirror in half is simply using a hammer and chisel, but this can be extremely messy if you are not careful, especially when breaking large mirrors into smaller pieces. Instead, you should first score around the edges of your mirror where you want to break it so that the glass cracks more easily, then just chip away at it with your chisel until it breaks apart easily.

Do not do this unless there will be no human or animal contact where broken glass may fall; any pieces of splintered glass could cause injury or damage if people step on them after they fall onto the floor.

How to Pack a Mirror for Moving?

  • Remove the mirror from the wall by unscrewing the mounting hardware if it is hanging on the wall. Ensure to be fast and gentle simultaneously, so you do not cause any breaks or cracks in your mirror.
  • Lay out a large plastic drop cloth on your floor or another hard surface; this will make cleanup much easier if anything does happen to break. Use painter’s blue tape to cover all surfaces where you don’t want glass shatter or dust fall (like your nearby furniture).
  • Place a piece of cardboard inside the back of the frame, directly behind where the mirror is mounted; this will absorb any shock from breaking through and give more protection against damage during shipping should an accident occur.
  • Place your mirror face down on the drop cloth, and use the painter’s tape to secure it in place by wrapping several pieces around the edges of the frame.
  • Ensure that you have placed another piece of cardboard or thick enough item on top of the mirror facing upwards; this will protect glass items from breaking when dropped during shipping because they are being wrapped within a container.
  • Pack at least 3 inches of newspaper or styrofoam peanuts around all sides of your mirror before covering with an additional layer on top (to beef up protection). Using shredded paper instead for packing adds more cushioning than a regular newspaper does, providing more protection if an accident occurs (like dropping a mirror ship containing heavy glass mirrors) by absorbing shock during shipping.
  • Place two sheets on top of the mirror and other packing materials. Then, several more pieces of cardboard are on top until the item is completely covered; this will keep any glass debris from falling out while you transport it to your new home or business location.
  • Use many tapes to secure the items in place before sealing the box shut with packaging tape along all seams (to prevent a broken mirror from falling out) before loading it inside the shipping truck for delivery to your new address.
Place Two Sheets on Top of the Mirror

How to Safely Get Rid of Glass in the Garbage?

Glass is quite sharp and hazardous, so care must be taken when disposing of it. Small pieces can be packaged in newspaper or cardboard to prevent them from cutting the garbage bags and contaminating other items. Large sheets of glass should be cut into small pieces with a wet saw, diamond blade, or tile/glass cutter before being disposed of. Store all-glass until you get a chance to dispose of it properly, as described below.

If you don’t have an opportunity to do that right away, take precautions such as putting your loose pieces into a large watertight container (potentially in layers; use lots of crumpled paper between each layer) wrapped up in lots of newspapers/cardboard before throwing into your black bin for collection by the council.

Larger pieces of glass can be broken up and disposed of outdoors by trowelling a small amount of dry, powdered concrete onto the surface to make it safe. Take care not to inhale dust or spread contaminants outside. Use old gloves or an old piece of cloth as you don’t want the concrete on your hands.

Use Old Gloves

Wear safety glasses and heavy work boots when handling larger quantities of broken glass (or potentially sharp objects) to prevent injuries from occurring. When breaking large pieces down into smaller fragments, take extra precaution if someone falls over/injures themselves while carrying out this task and ensure that adhered pieces are completely detached before disposing of so they do not cause any harm if someone steps them later on. 

Bricks and concrete can be broken down similarly, but wear old clothes and sturdy plastic or leather gloves when handling those materials. Smaller pieces of wood can be burned with the rest of your waste to provide heat for an open fire.

You should still break them down into smaller pieces if you plan on doing that, though, because they may jam up your stove/fireplace. Alternatively, use an incinerator (if available) or take them out to the tip for disposal. If disposing at the tip, be sure that there are no nails, wire, or screws sticking out of them as those could harm someone at the dumpsite.


I hope you have learned all the necessary information on how to break a large mirror safely. Ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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