How to Install Vanity Light Without Junction Box

You can’t install a light fixture without a junction box, but the fact that there’s no box at the spot where you want to install the light doesn’t mean you can’t install the light. You want to construct a lighting tool in your hallway without a junction box. That could be quite a challenging job. Many individuals will make a hole in the drywall so that they can thread the cord through all of it and then use rubber screw anchor points to connect the light fitting to the wall.

How to Install Vanity Light Without Junction Box

Although it may sound like a good idea, you must understand that this step will eventually come off the wall. So, when putting a junction box in the wall without tearing off a large portion of drywall is too much, you should use a junction box for the renovation. It attaches at the back of the drywall and can accommodate a light weighing up to 10 lbs.

System Categories Require Boxes

The very first hint that without a junction box, a system is built being used is, and it has its full casing. And it would usually have no cable links to extrude from all of this, so these cables are enclosed within a cable link container. Apparent categories of electrical equipment which do not need interface boxes to involve:

  1. Recessed lighting (“can illuminate”)
  2. Ventilation devices in the shower
  3. Space heaters attached


Switch Off the Electric Power

In order to split off the light’s electronic circuit, you need to swap the primary breakers push-button to an off position. This will also turn off the control line. This method is safe and you will not get electrocuted. However, you should still continue to follow safety policies and procedures.

Replace and Patch Bulbs

How to Install Vanity Light Without Junction Box

Be careful when switching on light fixtures that are already on – heat and impatience can cause them to come loose at the base. Each light is unique, so removal methods can vary. Usually, two or three threaded or decorated nuts are used to secure wall lights. Sometimes tiny hooks on the edges of the light are used to keep it in place.

If the light is not working, first check to see if the power is disconnected. If it is, then look for voltage on both cables. If everything is secure, then take one wiring nut at a time and disconnect the wires. Push the wire nut back into the wall’s side. Finally, remove some screws that tie the base of the light into the wall.

What’s the Wall Behind

If you have an old electric light in your house, it’s a good idea to check if it’s still working before you replace it. If there’s no junction box, it’s even more important to be careful, for both functional and electrical safety reasons. In our situation, not only was there no junction box for the current lighting, but the light was also sitting down from the middle of the mirror by a wall shelf.

To be put right over even a structural device like our wide mirror, roof products are manufactured as shallow as 1⁄2. If your lighting isn’t on a wall mount, a “classic job” repair box is available for mounting straight to the drywall, with turn-out buttons. To clear the drywall and install the new box choose a 4 “hole saw. Be sure to first shift the wires out of the path, then cut just far sufficient to break through the drywall.

Old Electric Light

Put New Box and Foundation Sheet

Place the new core lighting sheet into the box. Make sure to go into a knock-out void in the circuit wiring. Place the base plate in a horizontally or vertically place, based on your lighting preference. Also, now seems to be a great time to plug some older mountings which will not be needed or hidden.

Cable It Together

Consider placing the bare copper fields on the bases fixing surface from the wall and the green pin’s lighting. Then connect the white cables and a new cable bolt, then the black wires. Wrap it all perfectly into the junction package.

Fresh Mounting and Level Repair

Be alert to install the new lighting and tuck some loose cables into the frame. To add the elegant bolts, you would have to change the fixing studs on the base plate out. Squeeze the light lightly and level it before total locking.

 Mounting and Level Repair

Flip the Switch

While thoroughly attaching and mounting the new lamp, ensure that the wall switch is switched off. Turn the separate breaker and guarantee it remains on for 10 seconds until turning to illumination. Check the lighting with a button on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Mount a Light Fixture to Drywall?

A light fixture can be mounted to drywall, but it would require the use of a toggle bolt and special brackets.

The following is an example of how to mount a light fixture:

1. Place the two toggle bolts on either side of the lightbox and secure them with screws.

2. Attach the four mounting brackets to the wall at each corner of the box.

3. Tighten all screws in step 2 with a drill/driver until they are flush with the surface of the wall or frame of bracket or toggle bolt head.

Are Junction Boxes Necessary?

Yes, they are necessary. Junction boxes can be used to connect any number of electrical wires together in order to control the flow of electricity and make it safe for the wiring.

Junction boxes are typically made out of metal and may have a screw-on one side that allows them to be mounted onto a wall or ceiling.

What Do You Do if You Don’t Have a Junction Box?

If you don’t have a junction box, then there are two options:

1. You can create your own junction box by drilling holes in the wall and connecting wires with zip ties.

2. You can purchase a junction box from any hardware store for about $10 to $20.

Connecting Wires With Zip Ties

Do I Need a Junction Box to Extend Wiring?

A junction box is an electrical device that joins two or more circuits, providing a means of making the circuit complete.

If you are wiring your home, you will need to use a junction box for all of the wires. It’s important to use a junction box with wires going through it because if you don’t then you can experience wire shorting out. If this happens, your house could be in danger and become unsafe for residents to live in.

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