How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Closed

What is a glass shower door? Well, the answer is quite simple. It’s a clear glass door that slides behind a normal shower curtain to improve your bathroom design. Now, why is it called like that? Because they look just like the doors for an actual shower stall with a minimal difference: they are see-through (most of them). Other than that, there’s no real difference between the two. Before we get into how to keep a glass shower door closed, we first have to explain what you can do to prevent these annoying problems in the first place. So let us get started.

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Closed

Preventive Tips

First of all, choose the right material for your door. If you want something that lets you take showers and still be able to enjoy your room or patio while enjoying natural sunlight, then go with tempered glass. It’s more expensive than normal glass but can handle the wear and tear a lot better.

Other materials include acrylic, fiberglass, or even less common options like copper, which are all good for the shower itself. They’re also straightforward to clean because they don’t have pores that become clogged with calcium deposits like real stone would, or at least not as easily. Fiberglass is cheap but needs maintenance more than the others; acrylic is somewhere between glass and fiberglass since it has pores and therefore needs cleaning every once in a while – but far less often than stone tiles do (unless you use a saltwater pool). Copper seems like it would be great but requires maintenance similar to stone, so it’s probably not worth it unless you want something that really stands out from the other materials.

The door itself is tricky. As I said earlier, you want it to be glass so that you can see out without getting wet but tempered glass has its downsides as well: It’s easier to shatter and harder to maintain than regular plate glass. In fact, one of the main reasons someone would choose fiberglass over tempered is because it will not get scratched from putting up shelves or hanging towels like tempered would (and of course, we’re assuming you don’t plan on having kids). A scratched shower door will again look dingy after a while. Even if you clean it every day, I recommend that there will still be soap scum marks impossible to remove without professional equipment once a week completely.

You Can Check It Out to Caulk Frameless Shower Glass

Step-wise Guide on How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Closed

Step 1:

Make sure you know how to operate your glass sliding doors.

Step 2:

Accumulate the following items in one place at a time when the urge hits you, or call somebody who knows what they’re doing to help you with this process:

  • Scissors or knife (for cutting ropes and/or straps)
  • Thin string (twine, rope, bungee cord), preferably nylon or something similar (for tying things up)
  • Clear packing tape (to seal everything shut after the fact)
  • A piece of wood for blocking door movement on its track, so it doesn’t open prematurely while you are still trying to tie things up.  This is meant to be a temporary measure, but if you don’t have anything else to use for this purpose at the time of your crisis, there is no shame in that.

Step 3:

Close the glass sliding door until it is fully closed and parallel with the floor.  Make sure you are not doing this outside or around any objects on the ground.  You want to be able to reposition the door as needed while tying it up, so nothing gets in its way.  Place wood block against the track so the door doesn’t open all the way prematurely (if possible).

Close the Glass Sliding Door Until It Is Fully Closed and Parallel With the Floor

Step 4:

Cut any straps or strings holding the screen onto the frame.

Step 5:

Tie a thin string around both left side and right side tracks on either end of the door (least risk of slipping off).

Step 6:

Tie a thin string around both the top and bottom tracks (also on either end) of the door.

Step 7:

Tie a thin string around any bars or handles across the center of the door, preferably at least 2 sides crossed from opposite directions for stability.  Ideally, you want something in each corner to wrap the string around to ensure proper closure no matter what happens.

Step 8:

Close the door and tie all strings together, so it stays closed.  Get your woodblock out again, or make sure none of the strings slip because you’re not paying attention while tying them up, thus opening the door prematurely.

Step 9:

Use clear packing tape over the entire surface area above where the glass meets the frame- both left and right sides.  Don’t forget to tape over the strings on top and bottom as well.

Step 10:

Use additional packing tape to close any gaps on the left side of the door where the glass meets the frame.

Step 11:

Wait patiently until your shower urges pass, or know somebody who can help you with this process…

Step 12:

Remove all string, straps, etc., from the door and discard appropriately (don’t leave them lying around).

Step 13:

Proudly display your success in keeping a glass sliding shower door closed for all time!

Precautions While Keeping a  Glass Shower Door Closed

A glass shower door is one of the most functional and beautiful features in a bathroom. However, there are some important precautions you should take when using it.

The first precaution to be taken while keeping a glass shower door closed is that it must never be opened if someone is standing on the other side (like a child). Children can easily slip under an opening door and suffer critical injuries. So make sure they stay away from doors that are being installed or cleaned up.

never be opened if someone is standing on the other side

If you decide to clean your plastic shower curtain yourself instead of taking it to a professional company, ensure all cleaning products, including hot water, have been disposed of safely without leaving any residue around the glass bath screen itself. If you accidentally use too much detergent or leave any residue, it might cause the glass to crack or chip off.

The second precaution is that you should never try to clean the plastic curtain with boiling water as this may result in thermal breakage of the screen. While installing bathroom fittings, make sure there are no sharp materials around the walls and floor. Sharp corners can easily penetrate a thin and weak plastic curtain and may drag ugly scratches on your new acrylic tub shower enclosure. Finally, there must be enough clearance between your sealed glass shower door and a side wall during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use to Keep My Shower Door Closed?

There are many different things that you can use to keep your shower door closed. One of the most common ways is using a shower curtain. You can also use something like a rubber band or zip tie to hold it closed, but this will not be as effective as a shower curtain.

Can You Change Hardware on Shower Door?

There are many different types of shower doors that you can purchase. One type is a sliding door and it is made from glass or metal. Another type is a frosted glass panel door with either an adjustable bottom seal or a fixed bottom seal.

A frosted glass panel door can be replaced with acrylic or clear shower door, which will make the bathroom look larger because they do not require as much light to enter.

What Can I Do With Old Shower Glass?

The old shower glass can be used to make anything from art to ornaments.

Here are some ideas on how you can use old shower glass:

1. It can be used as a vessel for flower arrangements, decorative pieces, or food displays.

2. You can use it as a tile in your garden, pool area, or patio to create designs and patterns.

3. It makes a unique statement when made into artwork such as wind chimes or vases for home decorating purposes.


Lastly, I hope you have obtained all the necessary information about how to keep a glass shower door closed from this article. Thank you and have a nice day!

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