How to Load Paper Pro Stapler


The paper pro stapler is a standard-sized office stapler that can staple more than ten sheets of paper together. Although you will learn how to load a paper pro stapler with staples in this article, we have also included instructions on using it. The paper pro stapler uses standard-sized pins, and it has the same style as any regular steel-framed manual stapler, but what sets it apart from its competitors is that it can load up to 100 times faster compared to normal staplers. In this article. I will discuss how to load paper pro stapler. So let us get started.

How to Load Paper Pro Stapler

A Detailed Guide on How to Load Paper Pro Stapler:

To avoid wastage of paper staples, you must align them correctly on the correct side of the stapler. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a perfect stapling experience while you can solve problems efficiently. This article shows a step-wise guide to loading your Paper Pro stapler properly.

Step 1: Open up your Paper Pro Stapler

You need to open it up first and then prepare for loading steps to avoid wastage of staples. It is important not to damage its internal parts. You can find push buttons at the backside, which are attached with spring-loaded internal metal plates that hold all the top part together very tightly. If you don’t know how to do so, following instructions may help.

Step 2: Place the staple in position while aligning it against the built-in groove.

You must place paper staples into the grooves and then push them into place. If done correctly, it will line up with notches inside the stapler. You may need to lift them a little bit up as there are two other thin raised areas on each side of those notches that keep staples firmly in place for perfect alignment.

Step 3: Close Stapler with Press Button & Align Groove

Close your Paper Pro stapler by pressing down both sides until you hear a nice click sound. If done correctly, when you open its upper part again, you will see a neatly aligned row of staples.

Step 4: Press Button and Enjoy a Perfect Stapling Experience!

It’s time to enjoy the perfect stapling experience, which you will get by pressing the backside press buttons all together so that they will flatten those staples out perfectly against paper sheets. Ensure there is no jaggedness on them to avoid cutting issues. And finally, your Paper Pro Stapler is set up and ready for its first use!

A Detailed Guide on How to Load Paper Pro Stapler

Precautions While Loading a Paper Pro Stapler:

The yellow removable part is an essential key. Would you please check and ensure it is not missing before loading papers?

Hold the stapler with the front at the top, then pull out the black stopper by pushing its backside towards you.

Conversely, push in the black stopper to lock it again. If you don’t push in the stopper, staples might be ejected outside of papers when loading them.

When loading your paper into a stapler, please check whether or not there are loose staples around before starting: Loose staples are potential hazards because they can get stuck in other people’s fingers or eyes..

Be careful while manipulating a Paper Pro Stapler; accidents resulting from the negligence of safety precautions are not covered under warranty.

Keep your Paper Pro Stapler clean at all times, and handle it gently to prolong its life. Any accident resulting from the negligence of this instruction shall be disqualified for coverage by the warranty.

Benefits of Using a PaperPro Stapler:

Staples can break up the document or damage the whole paper. The staples used in this type of stapler can not cause any harm to your paper, and when it comes to pricing, they can be very reasonable. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are moving away from using a normal stapler.

Easy To Use:

These types of staplers are just so easy to use, and anyone who has ever used a regular stapler will find nothing different here than well.  These papers come with ridges on them that you have to align with grooves in the handle’s body, so it is pretty obvious for anyone what they need to do next, such as squeeze the handle until it’s done. It is that simple, and there is no learning curve at all here.

Easy to Carry:

The paperPro staplers are also very easy to take with you. If you have a small bag or even your briefcase, these things hardly make any difference in space at all and can fit right anywhere.

Benefits of Using a PaperPro Stapler

Easy To Store:

If you don’t use this kind of stapler very often, it might be wise to keep them lying around but still within reach so that they are right there whenever you need them. You can store these wherever you want because of their size and weight, making them perfect office supplies for everyone who uses them regularly or occasionally.

Fit Different Papers:

These are made to fit different sizes and thicknesses of paper so that anyone can use them without worrying whether they will fit or not. With other staplers, such as the paperPro mini stapler, you might have to worry about getting a special kind for your really thick paperwork, but here this is not at all an issue, and there will be no need for any kind of change to make it fit.

Just The Right Size:

Someone who has never used one of these before might think they are too small, but they come in just the perfect size. This means that their weight and size are basically just right for anyone to handle comfortably, even if they are using it for the first time and are not used to handling staplers at all.

Frequently Asked Question

What Size Staples Paperpro Stapler?

There is no definitive answer to this question as to whether the best size of staples paper pro stapler will vary depending on the specific needs of the individual. However, a good rule of thumb is to buy a staples paper pro stapler that is large enough to handle the largest paper sheets that you will be using.

What Is Staple Crown Size?

Staple crown size measures the distance between the top of your teeth and the gum line. This measurement is important because it can help determine if you need dental work done.

What Are T-Shaped Staples Used for?

T-shaped staples are used to attach documents together. They come in various lengths and widths to find the right ones for your needs.

Staples are an important part of any office because they help keep documents together and make them easy to access. T-shaped staples are especially useful for attaching documents with folds or creases because they can hold the document in place while you staple it down.


The paperPro staplers are the perfect office supply for anyone who has to deal with daily paperwork. It is not very hard to use and handles whatever you throw at it without any trouble whatsoever. Just make sure to read all the instructions before using it so that you don’t run into any kind of trouble while handling one. I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to load paper pro stapler. Thank you and have a nice day!

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