How to Stick Two Papers Together

You might not think you need to know how to stick two papers together, but it’s a skill handy for all sorts of purposes. For example, you can use this trick when you’re doing an art project with kids in the office or when you’re mailing letters and want them to be sealed. It will work using any glue, so it’s perfect if you have some on hand at home. 

We can all make mistakes, and maybe one of the most common is sticking two papers together by accident. Whether you are working on an assignment for school or a project at work, it can be frustrating when this happens. This post will give you some tips to help avoid mishaps in the future. 

How to Stick Two Papers Together

10 Ways on How to Stick Two Papers Together

1. Use Tape

The easiest way to stick two papers together is with tape. The smooth side will stick very well to the other paper. If you are mailing a letter, it could be an easy way to stay put in your envelope should the glue fail. 

2. Glue One Side

If you don’t have the time to tape everything in place, you can always glue one side. You can place a glue line down the middle if you’re doing a project with kids with sticky fingers or try gluing the corners for a more finished look. 

3. Glue Down Edges

If you have some extra time, use an edge roller to coat the edge of the paper. Then, you can let it dry before applying your next layer of paper or use a piece of tape on top after you have laid the second piece down. 

4. Masking Tape

Trying to get exact and even lines when gluing paper together can be difficult without some assistance. One way to make the process easier is by using masking tape to create the line. Then you can use your handy glue directly on top of where you’ve taped. 

5. Scissors

You can always just cut the excess paper off after it’s been glued together, but this can take some time and might not be ideal for certain projects. So instead, press down with your fingers on the area where you want to cut and then slide an X-acto knife underneath. This will keep the blade from cutting through it while still cutting the excess paper away. 

6. Hot Glue Gun

If you have hot glue at home or happen to have access to one, you can use it in place of regular glue. It will dry quickly and has a stronghold to keep the two pieces stuck together. 

7. Sticky-Back Velcro

If you want something more sturdy than tape but still easy to remove, consider using sticky-back velcro instead. This type of material is often used for closing up purses and bags. 

8. Wax Paper

Before you glue the two pieces of paper together, place them on a sheet of wax paper. Doing this might help you to avoid the glue from sticking to your counter or tabletop and coming off as well when it dries. 

9. Double-Sided Tape

A double-sided tape is also a great option if you don’t have any glue on hand. It will stick quickly and doesn’t require any drying time like regular tapes might. 

10. Laminator

If you are working on an art project or need to keep the papers together for other reasons, you can tape will adhere well to both the paper and other surfaces. This material is often used in scrapbooking and is a good alternative if you don’t have any glue.

Instructions: How to Stick Two Papers Together

Put the Two Papers Together

Step 1: Line Up Papers.

Put the two papers together with their top edges lined up vertically and their leftmost edges lined up horizontally, so you have two side to side stacks of paper with the leftmost page sticking out on both.

Step 2: Put Glue on Paper.

Make sure the pages are aligned correctly so that you can see both print sides through the blank paper in the middle. Next, take the glue bottle and slowly pour out a layer of glue on the surface of one page, using it to cover that whole area evenly. Do not apply too much or too little, just enough to cover up all white paper without leaving any noticeable gaps.

Step 3: Put Papers Together.

Tear off the extra paper at the side. Then take the two sheets and put them together with their top edges lined up vertically and their leftmost edges lined up horizontally, so you have two side by side stacks of paper with the leftmost page sticking out on both.

Step 4: Add Tape.

Take some tape and run it across the top of the glued edge to go over both pages. Next, take a ruler or other straight edge and ensure the paper is aligned correctly from left to right on all sides. No matter which way you turn the stack, you should still see them as two side-by-side stacks with their tops lined up vertically.

Step 5: Cut Out Shape.

Take your ruler and cut out a shape from the paper so that all of the excesses are gone and what remains is connected only at its edges to other paper. Then tear off the extra paper close to where you cut.

Step 6: Hang Up.

Hang Up the Paper

Hang up the paper on something stable, like a bulletin board or a corkboard. You have now successfully stuck two papers together. If you want to make your paper into a shape that has more than one layer or irregularly shaped parts, then take each sheet separately and cut out of it on just one side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Glue Does Not Wrinkle Paper?

Many types of glue do not wrinkle paper, but the best option is probably a hot glue gun for most people. Hot glue guns are easy to use and do not require special skills or training.

Another option is to use a fabric adhesive, which is also an easy option to use. However, this type of adhesive can be a bit messy, so it may not be ideal for everyone.

If you want to use a more permanent solution, you can try using double-sided tape or a stapler. These solutions are less flexible than hot glue guns and may not work well with delicate papers.

What Is the Glue on Rolling Papers Made of?

The glue on rolling papers is made of various substances, but the most common is usually natural gum arabic. Other ingredients that may be used include cellulose nitrate, stearic acid, and vegetable oil.

Can I Put Modge Podge Over Acrylic Paint?

Yes, you can put Modge Podge over acrylic paint. However, it is important to use a light coat so that the Modge Podge doesn’t become too thick and water-resistant.


If you need to stick two papers together, there are a few different methods that will work. You can use glue or tape (which is the quickest way), but both options. Alternatively, you could try using pins and clips, which require more effort up front but do not leave any residue on your documents after removal.

Whatever method you choose for sticking papers together, make sure it does not cause any harm to your important information! This blog post covered what you need to know about how to stick two papers together. We hope that by following these tips and tricks, your next project will be a success!

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