How to Make a Ceramic Teapot

If you are a tea lover, then you will definitely prefer the best item for acquiring the perfect texture of your tea. From the tea leaves to a teapot, everything should be perfect, isn’t it? So, what type of teapot would you prefer? As there are several types, you will definitely expect something special, something unique.

In order to have a teapot that is customized to your own liking, you will need to put in some extra money. However, if you follow the simple steps that will be shown, you will be able to make your own ceramic teapot without any problems.

How to Make a Ceramic Teapot

How to Make a Ceramic Teapot

In order to make a teapot, you have to first learn how to make a jar and attach a handle to it. Then, you have to make a handle and attach it to the surface of the clay. Lastly, you have to make a lid for the teapot.

 Step 1

First, let’s do our basic job. Put the clay on your wheel and make the jar body out of it. Once you complete that, you have to acquire an accurate measurement. You can use a caliper because they are fairly simple to the user. Simply cross them, measure the inside of your pot, and once they almost touch the edges, then you can turn your calipers around. Twist the little knob and secure the adjustment.

 Step 2

Now that you have the measurements for the teapot lid, start making it. Once you have the lid, determine the thickness and then focus on making the handle. You can attach the handle in the same way as you did with the mug.

 Step 3

To make your own teapot, simply score and slip both sides of the pot, then find a comfortable place to hold it and score and slip again to ensure good bonding. Add some slips at both ends, then mash the two parts together like hormone-filled teenagers. Use a brush or your finger to make the ends smoother, then let the attachment dry. Finally, make some holes and attach the spout to the teapot. Your homemade teapot will be ready then.

Find a Comfortable Place

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