How to Make a Clown Ruffle Collar


Joker or clown is one of the most amusing characters for the children, and they keep the people happy by their facial expressions and physical techniques. The children love to play with the clowns, and in the circus, they are the inevitable part. You can also make the fascinating attire of clown by yourself. This will enhance your DIY skills, as well.

In this case, we are going to suggest the process of how to make a clown ruffle collar as it is the most beautiful part of the whole costume. The collar has to be made with much delicacy, so following our procedure will make it much easier for the beginners, and the outcome will also be laudable. You will be much benefitted by the stepwise process of making this ruffle collar.

How to Make a Clown Ruffle Collar


For making a clown ruffle collar, we will need a couple of supplies, and these supplies should be managed ahead of starting the process. The first thing that you will need for the process is scissors. This is an integral part of the task because, throughout the process, you have to cut the collar according to the shape. Then you will require needles. Specifically, you will have to possess tow needles for the process. This will be explained later.

Next, you will need a white thread. We prefer white thread because the collar will also be white, and sewing the collar with white thread will be much easy because it will not create any color contrast. Instead, the thread will get immersed in the collar. Next, you will need two packs of white satin blanket binding, which will act as our main fabric of the collar. Additionally, you will need paper clips and elastic for the firmness of the collar.


For making a ruffle collar, the first thing that we have to do is gathering all the elements that we have mentioned earlier. Then we spread a table cloth and keep all the aspects spread on the table cloth, and this will make it much easier for you as you will have all the required objects nearby. Now once you have all the elements arranged, take the white satin fabric and unfold the material from the cardboard.

The cardboard should not be disposed of; instead, it will act as a shape maker for the entire collar. Take the fabric and cut cardboard similar to the size of the fabric; this will remain as the mainframe of the collar. Now you have to take the needles and attach them with the thread. You have to take both the needles at a time as you have to sew both the ends of the fabric. Now take the cardboard and fold the fabric around it.

Make two layers and sew them using both the needle at the top as well as the bottom. In this manner, the basic pattern will be available for the collar. But as you have to sew a lot of fabric, so keeping the collar in an alternating shape can be an issue. In this case, you have to use paper clips. After sewing, every loop you can attach a paper clip on the fabric will keep the collar in the right position, and the size will remain minimal.

After the fabric is sewn, you have to remove the cardboard and adjust the collar according to the size of the neck. In this case, you can even out the thread used for the sewing, and the paper clips should be taken out. Thus the actual size will be available that will suit the neck of the user. But there is still a step left, which is attaching the elastic. The collar will not remain attached to the neck because, without elastic, it may easily fall off.

For this process, we have to keep a few inches of ribbon left at the end of the fabric, now we take an elastic and sew t around the inner border of the collar. We must make sure that the sewing is done correctly, and each of the loops must get involved when sewing. This process must continue until the total elastic has been attached to the ribbon. Then we have to use the extra portion of the fabric and the elastic, sew them together and complete the total ruffle collar.

Now we can have the basic construction of the ruffle collar from your clown costume is complete. You use this collar as an addition to the clown attire, but you may want to decorate the collar before that. In this case, you can use colorful ribbon and sew them around the exterior border of the collar, which will make it look much attractive and beautiful. You can also use glitters and sparkles to decorate the ribbons and make the collar more colorful.

How to Make a Clown Ruffle Collar

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

  • Scissors

Working with the scissor is an essential part of making the ruffle collar; starting from cutting the treads to managing the fabric, the use of scissors is vital for this reason, as a user you should be much careful while cutting with the scissors. The sharp edges should not affect your hand, and precautions must be taken in this regard.

  • Needles
Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

Another essential aspect that you should be much aware of while making a ruffle collar is using the needle because a needle is a very tiny object which also has sharp edges. While sewing, it might get pierced into your fingers. In this case, we suggest that you wear safety gloves while sewing and also sterilize needle to avoid infections if, by any chance, your finger gets pierced.


Lastly, we hope that our mentioned method of making a ruffle collar for your clown costume has been beneficial to you, and this will be very useful to improve the beginners’ DIY skill. It is less time consuming, and the procedure is quite easy to perform. The beginners can give it a try at their home. Happy sewing! Have a good day!!

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