How to Make a Fabric Wall Cross

The burlap and wood cross idea of Pinterest has been floating in my mind for a while. Those were really amazing and offered a great look. In fact, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility while making them, like you can use the ribbons, fabric, or whatever you paint you like.

How to Make a Fabric Wall Cross

Moreover, you can add Bible verses to it. Because of all its essential aspects, I was really willing to make a fabric wall cross. That’s why today, in this article, I am going to show you how to make a fabric wall cross step by step.

 Supplies You Will Need

  1. Wood
  2. Command strips or D rings
  3. Fabric/Ribbon
  4. Vintage wood

Processes on How To Make A Fabric Wall Cross

Process One

First of all, take the wood board and start painting it. Remember, the wood board should be a bit taller. Then, once the color dries up, apply leaves or poly. For this purpose, if you are using fabrics, you don’t have to sew the edges. But if you are using poly, you are going to need to sew them with the edges.

First of All Take the Wood Board

You also have to cut the fabric to make the cross, and after cutting them, you have to fold them over the raw edges. Then, once you complete that, you have to iron them.

In my case, I stapled the fabric at the back of the wood so that it remains attached to the wood. Then I wrapped it from the front side of the wood and then stapled the other end again.

After that, I took the second strip, and this time I accomplished the crossing part horizontally. Now, take both ends and make a knot at the front side. That’s it; your fabric wall cross will be complete then.

Process Two

  1. First, you will need to grab a piece of fabric and measure it horizontally.
  2. Next, make two vertical cuts on the sides of each end of the fabric.
  3. Then take one side of the cut pieces and tie them together in an overhand knot (you can also do this with just one long strip).
  4. Now take both loose ends and bring them around, so they are pressed against the backside at about 45 degrees. Tie these strips off by tying an underhand knot around tight to create a cross shape that is now attached securely.
  5. Make sure your knots stay as close as possible to all four corners for maximum support! You may want to use some glue or hot iron if using narrow fabrics like lace or ribbon.
  6. Hang the fabric cross on your wall by poking a hole through all four corners of the backside with either a screwdriver or an ice pick and then wrapping some wire around it to keep it up there!
  7. Feel free to use any color you like, but make sure not to tie together two different colors so that they mix. This will create pink hues in between if one is purple and one is red, for instance.


-The fabric wall cross should be hung with a wire, and the ends of the wire threaded through eye hooks on each end.

– The shape of the fabric will depend on how you measure it, so take care to use exact measurements, or your crosses may not turn out as desired.

– Always make sure there is enough room under the wires for people to walk without hitting their heads (accordingly adjust length).

-Consider using two sets of eyehooks to balance weight distribution across all four posts if hanging from ceiling joists.

Which Fabric Should Be Used for Making Wall Cross?

Use the fabric that you like. This can be based on your personal preference or what suits a particular space in which it will be hung.

Which Fabric Should Be Used for Making Wall Cross

If you want an all-over pattern, use one of these fabrics:

a) Cotton – this is thicker and heavy, so it’s best for people who live in colder climates,

b) Linen – this has less of a sheen than cotton does but still offers some drape,

c) Silk/Rayon – many people choose silk because it doesn’t wrinkle easily, plus it feels luxurious to touch; if you’re not able to find pure silk, then rayon makes an excellent alternative as well.

Which Size Will B Appropriate for The Wall Cross?

There are three sizes of the Fabric Wall Cross pattern that you can choose from. These include a small, medium, and large size, with each one measuring at 13 x 14 inches. The large size is best for hanging in bigger spaces or as a tapestry on the wall.


There you have it, a quick and easy guide to making your own fabric wall cross. If you are looking for something that is more elaborate or with different patterns on the crosses themselves, there’s plenty of information online where you can find them as well. Remember that this project will take some time so be sure to give yourself enough room in your schedule before starting!

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