How to Make a Handkerchief Skirt

A handkerchief skirt is really flattering to all. For the short-legged people, it’s really amazing because the pointed-hems gives them a greater look. So, have you got one or are you going to buy one for yourself? They are easily available in your nearest store, or you can buy them online with some investment. But what if I say you can get them easily without a little or no cost at all? Yes, making a handkerchief skirt is relatively easier to make, and no pattern is needed for this. Wanna learn how to make a handkerchief skirt? Come with me, let’s and let’s show you some easiest techniques.

Things You Will Need

  1. 2 ½ yds of fashion fabric
  2. (better if it’s 45” wide)
  3. Coordinating thread
  4. Flat ribbon braid 10yds
  5. Elastic waistband one yd (1” wide)

How to Make a Handkerchief Skirt

The measurement can vary. But I am gonna follow my waist measurement, which is 26 inches and two inches extra for the seam allowance. I found a website that helps me to calculate my radius. All you got to do is play is to ensure what type of skirt you want to make and fill out the information they ask for. Okay, before starting with the process, I will recommend using fabrics that are solid and self-finished.

Step 1

I am using the recommended fabric in the above section for this DIY. I am gonna fold it up, making sure that all the ends are nice and smooth, all the edges are smooth, and there are no wrinkles. Once you complete that, fold the fabric again.

Step 2

Now, I am going to cut my waist, and that’s around 28 inches, just as mentioned above. So, I am taking the zero mark up and placing it on the 28 inches. That way, my tape is folded once and then folding it again because my fabric was folded twice.

Step 3

Now, I am placing the tape at the one edge of the fabric and marked the measurement there. Then cut it out. After that, I have measured the part below the 3-inch part and found it to be 19 inches. So, I followed that measurement and marked the wider place according to that. This is because I want to keep it square. So, I followed this measurement, leaving 3 inches edge that I have cut before. Once I have completed it, I unfolded the fabric, and it was ready.

Your new handmade handkerchief skirt is ready to use now. If you feel any hesitation, feel free to ask me through the comment section below.

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