How to Make a Hula Skirt Out Of Fabric

Hula skirt is always looked at by the people who are into traditional dancing. This is a dress that holds a different cultural vibe. But sometimes, getting a hula skirt that will fit your size is somewhat tenuous. For this reason, today, we will discuss a technique that will allow you to make your hula skirt out of fabric.

We assure you that this process will be highly beneficial and less time-consuming. For this process, you will need some elements to obtain them from the nearest store quickly. First, you need to select the color of the fabric you want to use as it is a dancing costume to use bright colored materials like orange, green, or yellow. You have to buy at least three yards of fabric. Then you will need cardboard, a pair of scissors and some elastic.

You will also need essential sewing tools. Now you have to start by drawing a leaf shape on the cardboard. The leaf should be slightly big because the skirt’s size will be determined according to the size of the cardboard leaves. Now you have to carve out the leaf template, and then you have to place it on the cloth. Now you have to carve out the fabric in the shape of leaves. You have to cut the maximum number of clothes using the leaf template.

Now you have to take the elastic and measure the waist. You have to take the sewing equipment and start sewing the leaves carved out of fabric around the periphery of the elastic. You have to sew on both sides of the elastic. This will provide you more rigidity and balance. And lastly, you can attach some strips of cloth of the same color or a different color to embellish the design. In this manner, you can easily make a hula skirt out of fabric.

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