How To Make A Resin Mask

Suppose you are looking for some new hobby, then why not be creative! One of the best ways to be creative in crafting various things. Among all the crafting, making a mask out of resin has its popularity. So, if you are curious and want to explore the resin’s world, we will teach you how to make a resin mask for fun and do various things with them.

How To Make A Resin Mask

DIY: How to Make a Resin Mask

Even though the whole process can seem very challenging at first glance, once you set your mind, you should be able to make it. There are quite a few steps that you need to complete to make a resin mask process. Without having any ado, let’s get started.

Step One :
The first step for making a resin mask is to figure a way on how you want to make the base of the mask. To make the base of the mask, you need to use monster clay. The thing you have to worry about is the sculpting process. For sculpting, you need to find the right shape for the face you are making the mask for. You can use a sculpting figure or a Papakura (which is folding paper). A lot of people are not familiar with Papakura.

But don’t worry, you should follow with whatever suits your platter. During the sculpting process, you need to make sure the sculpture is smooth, and there are no harsh lines on it. Let the mold sit to dry, and you can add your details meantime. One tip for this process is that you can use mineral spirit to smooth the sculpture’s surface. It can hurry up the process.

Step Two :
Now that you are done with your clay sculpture, it is time to do the molding process. The first step for molding is by using silicone. You need to find the right type of silicone. There are many types of silicone available online. You should get the one that is available for you. Apply the first coat of silicone using a brush. Wait for the silicone to dry.
After the silicone is dried, you can apply the second layer of silicone. You can use Thi-Vex with the silicone, which will thicken it. Apply the second layer of silicon on top of the previous layer. Use as much silicone as you want to build up the thickness of the mold.

Step Three:
This time you have to add epoxy resin to the mold. But before doing that, you need to separate the mold in two so that it will be easier for demolding. You need to apply the epoxy resin in one part of the mask and wait for it to dry. After it is dried, you need to add the fiberglass cloth using epoxamite. This will need to be set overnight to dry.
In the meantime, you can work with the other half of the mask.
After everything is done, you need to work on shaping the harsh edges. The mold is going to have may sharp edges, and you need to get rid of them as it could cause some trouble.

Step Four :
The next step is to open the mold. You need to crack open the resin mold first. To open that, you can take the help of popsicle sticks. After opening the first layer, take off the silicone mold from the sculpture. And your mold for the mask is ready.

Step Five :
Now take the mold for your mask, and you need to add the resin to make the final process. Pour some generous amount of resin on the mold and distribute it to the whole mold equally. You need to add several layers of resin to get the perfect shape of the mask. After the resin is cured, you can finally demold the resin mask. And you are done with making the mask.
As for the final touch, you need to paint the mask as you like. You can add more details to the mask if you want. The detailing and painting are according to your choice.

Final Thoughts

That was all from how to make a resin mask. Once you start with your first process, you may fail once or twice. But with some practice, you can come up with the perfect resin mask. Wear them outside to show off, or you can even sell them to earn some money. But indeed, you will spend the best time making them.

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