How to Make a Multiple Page Card


Many ways can be implemented to make a multiple page card. We can easily use them as a souvenir and token of a gift for our friends and family. Steps essential steps included in the preparation of a multiple page card is stated below.


• Step One

At first, you need to make a cover page, which will hold all your card pages. For this, you can take an art paper on the color you want to be in front of the card. Then measure the length and width of the page. You have to take a ruler and divide the distance is five parts. The first portion will be two-fifth of the paper. You will then keep three inches gap, and then you can give three-fifth opening and again three inches gap and then fold it. It will be your desired cover paper for the card.

• Step Two

Now you have to take another art paper, and it would be smaller in size than the cover page. You have to divide the paper into five parts, as discussed earlier, and then you have to attach it to the base. For attachment, you can take a ribbon and apply some adhesive on the ribbon and then apply glue along the paper’s edge. Then attach the ribbon first, and then above the ribbon, you have to connect the new paper of smaller size that the cover page.

• Step Three

After these two pages are attached, you can take multiple color paper, fold them from the middle, and attach them to the card. These papers shall be smaller in size so that they get easily attached to the core. At last, you can use a ribbon to tie a knot for the card. You have to connect all these using a strong adhesive.


In conclusion, we hope that the technique we have stated here will help you make your multiple page card. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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