How to Make a Snail Diaper Cake

Making a snail diaper cake is an adorable way to celebrate the arrival of your new baby. We’ll show you how to make a snail diaper cake in this guide with some simple tips and tricks, as well as provide helpful resources for those looking to purchase materials or find more information. A snail diaper cake can be made with either terry cloth or flannel diapers. If you choose to use flannel, be sure to purchase a higher quality brand such as Pampers or Huggies.

How To Make A Snail Diaper Cake

What is Diaper cake?

A Diaper cake is a fun way to give someone who’s expecting or has just had a baby some diapers. The idea is that many times new parents can’t afford all the diapers they need for their newest addition, and this gift provides them with both an actual present and something functional. A diaper cake can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. The most basic cakes are simply rolled diapers stacked in the shape of a cake and held together with ribbons.

Resources & Materials:

  1. Ruler or measuring tape
  2. Snail shaped cookie cutter (or just use a circle shape and cut it in half to make two curved edges and then pipe the top like shown below) 
  3. Piping bags with various size tips. If you’re putting a lot in one bag, use the larger-sized tips to avoid overflow and spills. The smaller ones are handy for filling individual cups on top of the cake, which will be easier than trying to fill all at once when they’re stacked up high (see below)Piping Bags With Various Size
  4. Tips: Make sure your piping bags are wide enough so that it’s easy to pipe through without having too much come out on either side of the tip or have any squeeze while using it. It also needs to fit into whatever container you may be using, if not done one by one in each cupcake liner before stacking.
  5. Piping gel or whipped cream frosting for “stickiness” is optional as some people prefer them. Some also have higher success rates using buttercream instead of traditional cake frosting because they’re not as soft, which can help avoid any accidents when stacking up layers.
  6. To decorate, use items such as flowers, berries, chocolate chips, etc.
Use Flowers, Berries, Chocolate Chips

Steps to Follow to Make Diaper Cake:

Measure the size of your diaper:

  • Measure the length of your diaper and divide by two. This will be the width of your cake.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard to measure that size; it should be an inch or so longer on all sides than your cut measurement for space to overlap (about)

Cut out a piece of cake for each layer:

  • Cut a circle about the size of your diaper – 20 inches in diameter
  • Roll out some fondant to about half an inch and place on top, then trim off the excess. The roll should be about two thirds as wide as the cake is long

Place another layer:

  • Repeat for the second tier, but make this one about 15 inches in diameter
  • Cut the third tier from the same measurements, but make it around 12 inches wide.

Add details:

  • Get some fondant and roll into long, thin strips for snail antennae – one for each layer of cake Lay on the top edge of tiers to add detail to the edges. These can be cut in any pattern you want.
  • Roll out some fondant, about a quarter-inch thick and wrap around the cake to cover up the edges
Cut scraps of fondant into thin strips

Use dark icing or chocolate frosting to add eye detail:

  • Cut scraps of fondant into thin strips – these are for snail’s feet. Place on the top edge of tiers to add detail to edges. These can be cut in any pattern you want
  • Get some frosting and color one of the batches black
  • Spread onto third tier for snail shell, then use a small round tip on the piping bag to dot eyes with white frosting to create snail’s head.

Tips & Tricks: Be sure not to make any pieces too large, just small enough so it fits snugly in place.You will need at least two cans of whipped cream or piping gel for this project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Make With Diapers?

Diapers Can Be Used for a Variety of Things, Such as:

  • Wiping down surfaces.
  • Holding in moisture.
  • Protecting furniture from dirt and spills.
  • Keeping pets dry.
Keeping Pets Dry


Here’s a recap of the steps you need to take when completing your Snail Diaper Cake. First, cut out a circle from each roll of toilet paper so that it will fit on top of one another in order to create the cake shape. Then place them into two rows and stack up as many rolls as needed until they reach about an inch or two taller than desired height for your snail diaper cake. Next, use frosting (or any other kind) to seal off the sides by dipping down at least 1/2 way with either side dipped in frosting then press together against itself tightly like shown here. Finally, draw some eyes and mouth onto both ends before serving!
I hope now you have understood how to make a snail diaper cake by reading this article. Now it’s time to apply it on your own and create this simply beautiful diy diaper cake. Let me know if you are facing any problems.

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