How to Make a Twin Bed Bigger

Have you ever found yourself wishing for an extra foot of mattress length on your twin bed? No need to fret – by following a few easy steps on how to make a twin bed bigger, you can make even the smallest of beds feel bigger and more comfortable in no time.

How to Make a Twin Bed Bigger

From box springs and frame introductions to creating larger-looking headboards with upholstery hacks, there are plenty of ways you can transform a small space into something that looks and feels much bigger than it actually is. Ready to create some size as well as extra comfort for your bedroom sanctuary? Read on!

Is Twin Bed Enough for 2 Adults?

When it comes to sleeping arrangements for two adults, a twin bed may not be the best option. It’s important to consider how much space each person needs when deciding on a bed size. A twin bed is only 39 inches wide and 75 inches long, which means each person would have just 39 inches of width for their body. 

This can often result in one partner crowding the other or lying uncomfortable throughout the night. In addition, a couple will need enough length to lie side-by-side with ample room around them. With only 75 inches of length, two adults may find themselves with cramped legs by morning.

While having enough space is essential for comfortable sleeping arrangements, there are also other factors, such as weight support and mattress compatibility to consider. Without the right type of mattress and frame, two people may put too much pressure on a twin bed and it could collapse or become less supportive over time.

Both of these sizes provide more width than the twin, so both partners have ample room to move around without disturbing each other. The extra length also allows them to lie down side-by-side with plenty of legroom.

While some couples might be able to make do with a twin bed, others will find it too cramped for comfortable sleeping. It’s important to consider the needs of each person as well as the size of the mattress and frame before deciding on a bed size.

If two adults need more space and comfort, they may find that a full-size or queen-size bed is the best option.  With the right selection, couples can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without feeling cramped and uncomfortable!

 Queen-size Bed is the Best Option

10 Methods on How to Make a Twin Bed Bigger

1. Replace a Twin Bed with a Full Bed 

Replacing a standard twin bed with a full-sized bed is the simplest and most effective way to make a twin bed bigger. This can be done by buying a new full-sized bed frame or by converting an existing twin frame into one for a full mattress.

2. Add Additional Mattress Toppers 

Adding additional mattress toppers such as memory foam, egg crate foam, or pillow top mattresses can provide extra comfort and support while making the bed appear larger. Toppers may also help make the bed more comfortable for those who find traditional mattresses too firm.

3. Use an Adjustable Base 

An adjustable base allows users to customize the height and angle of their beds, providing additional space underneath for storage or customization of sleeping positions. Many adjustable bases come with additional features such as massage settings, USB ports, and wall hugger technology that allow them to fit almost any size room and make a twin bed larger without needing additional furniture pieces like dressers or nightstands.

4. Create Hidden Storage Space Underneath 

Adding hidden storage space underneath the twin bed creates additional room for items that would otherwise take up valuable floor space in your home, like toys or linens. In order to do this, you will need to raise your mattress off the ground slightly with slatted frames or even stackable plastic containers filled with blankets.

5. Incorporate Side Tables & Bedding 

Incorporating side tables on either side of your twin bed can help create an illusion of extra space while also providing storage opportunities and preventing items from falling onto the floor during sleep time. Additionally, using large comforters and duvets on top of your sheets can help draw attention away from the smaller size of your mattress while creating an overall cozier bedroom atmosphere.

6. Choose Lower Profile Furniture 

When selecting furniture pieces like dressers and chests of drawers, choose lower profile options that won’t overpower the room but still provide adequate storage space needed for everyday items like clothing or books. Low-profile furniture also helps add to the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is by not taking up too much visual space in your bedroom area.

7. Make Use Of Ottomans & Footstools

These pieces are great for adding more seating around your bedroom without taking up too much extra space in the room since they often have built-in storage areas beneath them, perfect for storing books, magazines, blankets, etc.

Adding More Seating Around Your Bedroom

Ottomans & footstools can also be used as makeshift coffee tables next to sofas or chairs when entertaining guests in smaller bedrooms due to their low profile design which makes them perfect for tight spaces where other furniture items wouldn’t fit easily into corners or along walls due to their bulkiness size wise compared to ottomans & footstools which tuck away neatly out of sight when not needed anymore saving precious inches when dealing with limited area size within certain bedrooms! 

8. Invest In A Daybed

Daybeds are great alternatives if you don’t have enough room to accommodate two separate beds in one bedroom but still want enough sleeping places for two people comfortably at night since these beds usually come already equipped with trundle beds (smaller versions hidden underneath the main daybed) which pull out easily whenever needed; plus daybeds tend to look nicer aesthetically speaking compared other types of alternative double beds due their unique designs catering towards minimalistic interior trends nowadays being popular! 

9. Hang Curtains Above The Bed 

Hanging curtains over/above your bed give off an illusion of added length/height, making it seem bigger than what it actually is; plus, they come in handy if you ever decide to use certain types of string lights (Christmas lights included) along edges near ceiling around window area adding lovely lighting effect near the sleeping area while at the same time helping create romantic mood great couples perhaps wanting to set special atmosphere during certain nights! 

10. Upgrade Your Headboard –

Upgrading the headboard piece might sound unnecessary, but just replacing the old plain boring headboard piece with something new and colorful depending on the current trend/style do wonders giving a fresh start feeling once again, making sure no one notices the smaller actual size of the current mattress being used currently giving off appearance being bigger than originally thought; 

Upgrading the Headboard Piece

Plus there plenty options available ranging from modern chic ones rustic wood style taking into consideration budget always nice take advantage deals happening online store sites looking discounts whole process easier hassle-free!

Things to Consider When Making a Twin Bed Bigger

1. Space:

Before you start making modifications, consider how much space you have available in the room. If there is limited room, then a larger bed could take up too much of the floor space.

2. Mattress Support:

You will need to ensure that your mattress has enough support for a larger size bed frame or boxspring if necessary. Check with the manufacturer’s guidelines before making any changes.

3. Cost:

Making your bed bigger can be expensive depending on the materials and products needed to make it fit its new size requirement. Consider looking into secondhand stores or online resources for used mattresses and frames to reduce cost.

4. Style:

Think about what type of style you are going for. Do you want a traditional look or something more modern? This will help determine the materials and size that you choose.

5. Safety:

Make sure to take safety into consideration when making any changes, from purchasing an appropriate bed frame and mattress to properly installing them in the room.

Making your twin bed bigger does not have to be a hassle if you consider all of these points beforehand! With some research and patience, you can create the perfect addition to your bedroom and get ready for sweet dreams on your larger twin bed!  Good luck!

Get Ready for Sweet Dreams on Your Larger Twin Bed


Making a twin bed bigger is a great hack for families with kids or people who like to maximize their space. From using extra mattresses to adding curtains or dividers, there are so many creative ways to make a twin bed appear bigger and more comfortable without breaking the bank or doing huge renovations. 

Now that you know how to make a twin bed bigger, why wait any longer? Invest in yourself today and enjoy many nights of comfortable slumber ahead!

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