How to Make Barbie Furniture Out of Recycled Items

There is always something special about the dolls and miniature versions. It rejoices us to the fullest, and that’s why we all love to play with dolls. In fact, dolls can boost the imagination power, and with that, kids tend to try too many new things. They are also a loveable item for the adults, and I also love to play with the dolls, to be honest. However, you may have brought several barbie dolls for your kid, but there isn’t any dollhouse furniture for them.

If you have a dollhouse that needs new furniture, you can make your own furniture for it using recycled materials around your home. This way, you can save money and your little one won’t be able to tell the difference!

If you’re interested in learning how to make barbie furniture out of recycled materials, we can show you how. It’s actually really easy and a lot of fun!

How to Make Barbie Furniture Out of Recycled Items

One of the key benefits of making the dollhouses and its furniture at home is that you can customize them in many ways. But when you are going to buy them from the market, you have to be satisfied with what they are gonna provide you. Your little one may not understand and insist on more.

That’s why it is crucial to learn these DIY techniques. You can simply provide them with their very own dollhouse furniture whenever she wants. Anyway, we have talked much; now it is time to take you the steps where I am going to show you how to make barbie furniture out of recycled items.

How to Make Barbie Furniture Out of Recycled Items

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure means that some people can see value in things that other people see as garbage. You can turn trashed items into beautiful dollhouse furniture with some simple steps.

Tip 1 – Making a Sofa Out of tissue box

Tip 1 – Making a Sofa Out of tissue box 1

In order to make a tissue box robot, you will need to take a regular sized tissue box and mark two squares on opposite sides of the box near the bottom. Then, using an Exacto knife, you will need to cut along the lines of the two squares.

Once you have cut the place, fold the sides down so that it takes a form of a little sofa. Next, find a piece of a worn fabric and cover the tissue box with it. Then glue it to the base and tuck the fabric by keeping it folded. Make sure not to burn yourself. Now take four wooden beads and glue them under the sofa; that’s a sofa is ready for the barbie doll.

To make a cushion, cut a strip of white duct tape and a square of cotton batting. Stick the batting to the tape, then fold it over around the edges. Cut the extras and embellish with a rhinestone in the center.

Tip 2 – Breakfast Table

At first, paint a jar lid and turn it into white color. In this case, you will needAt first, paint a jar lid and turn it into white color. In this case, you will need Two plastic forks A piece of fabric Some cotton batting   A couple of water bottle cap
Once you have, you got them, follow these simple techniques.
First of all, glue the batting under the bottle caps. Then fold the fabric in half and cut a curve following the edges.

A Piece of Fabric

The simplest way to get a circle shape is to place the fabric at the bottom of the bottle cap and glue them together. Next, take the fork and cut the prongs off of it. These will be turned into the legs of the table.

Once you get them, glue them under the bottle caps, the breakfast table’s chair will be ready then.
Now glue two small plastic cups together from bottom to bottom and paint them with white color. Take a jar lid and glue them up at the bottom. It will form a table. Next, set the table, and that’s it. Your breakfast table is completely ready.

Tip 3 – Decorative Lamps

Plastic jewels will be a wonderful item for creating some wonderful decorative lamps. First, take some buttons and glue them with the jewel. Make sure to do that from the bottom; it will then allow them to stand.

Now, glue some sewing pins on the top to create beautiful cupcake holders that can also be used as lampshades. You may have to cut them from the sides for the attachment and glue them together again to acquire a perfect look. Pay proper attention to the sharp points while placing them on so that they won’t tear off.

Tip 4 – Ottoman/Pouf

Now, I am going to show you making some cute little Ottomans from the fuzzy socks. First, pull the sock over your hand and roll it down from your arm. Keep rolling until it takes a form of ottoman. It is super simple. Roll almost all the way to the edge and flip of the toe. Now take a strand to gather ends together.

You have to do the same for the pouf. First, roll them of an then take it out from your hand. Once you complete that, put some knots to secure the attachments properly. After that, roll it back fully in the center.

Ottomans From the Fuzzy Socks


Hopefully, this DIY furniture making method is going to help you a lot and save your money in huge amount. Probably, you won’t have to ask how to make barbie furniture out of recycled items but if you have, then ask me directly through the comment section below.

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