Portable speakers are one of the most used goodies nowadays. Many of us may use issues of loudness, or you want more loudness of your speakers. Here we will give our best opinions on how to make portable speakers louder.

Some economical and straightforward methods you can use follow for making your portable speaker louder. We will discuss them below.

How to Make Portable Speakers Louder

Putting on the Floor:

The floor works as a sound amplifier. It will also increase the bass of your speaker without loss in any quality. Keep in mind that the surface that you will place your speaker on will be a floor. If you put your speaker over a table or anything other than the floor, you may not be that beneficial. The floor increases the amount of flowing vibration, and that helps to amplify the sound. Also, put the wireless speaker at a 90-degree position for gaining the best benefits. This way helps when you want to make a party with loud noises.

Placing Against a Wall:

Depending on the quality of the wall, you can make your portable speaker louder. Well, it may decrease the quality of your sound if the wall is not in good condition. So be careful about using this method. The space between the speaker and the wall also plays a role in the loudness of sound. So, find a suitable position between them. You may boost 25% of your speaker’s initial sound by placing it near a wall without any cost!

Room Size:

The room size affects the loudness of sound. We all have observed that in a hall room, the sound of any device is less compared to your living room. You will observe lesser sound quality in an open field as there are no walls near creating sound waves back to the listener. That’s why the sound wave produced from portable speakers travels further. Well, there are also some quality speakers in the market that work well both indoor and outdoor.

Keeping on the Corner:

After trying setting your portable speaker against a wall, you can also try keeping it on a corner of a wall. You will observe a boost of 40% of the initial sound by this method. The distance between the portable speaker and the corner of the wall also plays an impact. So, match the gap between the corner and the speaker, observing the sound that suits you.

Some other Methods

  • If your speaker has an equalizer, try to turn off the bass or lower the bass level to get the maximum quality of sound. As the bass consumes more energy, so the quality of music decreases not for getting sufficient energy. 
  • If you do not care about your speaker’s looking, you can make a horn shape cover over your speaker and point it towards you.

Some Economic Methods

  • Well, buying a new speaker is always a good option for louder sound.
  • If your speaker is damaged by loud sounds (Cracking sounds), you can repair them from your nearest market.
  • You can also buy some high-quality sound output speakers for better quality and loudness.

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