How To Make The Flash Costume

Who doesn’t like a flash? His lightning speed always fascinates me, and that’s the reason I collect all his merchandise. I am super pumped for the flash season 6 on The CW, and it is coming out in just a few days, so what better way to celebrate it than making a flash costume. But whenever I try to bring a flash costume, I face an endless number of complications. That’s why I intended to make a flash costume of my own. If you are also one of the crazy fans like me and willing to enjoy the show as a real fan, you can concentrate on the article. It is because I am going to discuss here how to make the flash costumer step by step.

It is not going to be as hard as you are thinking. So, you can stay relax. I have completed my research and can assure you that it is the easiest thing that you have ever done. You just have to stick with the steps till the last. If you are ready to do that, let’s get started. itself indicates that it is a hidden file and has no direct user access. It is used to set the configuration files for the websites and usually placed in the root directory of the website.

How To Make The Flash Costume

How to Make the Flash Costume

The first thing to do is base shopping. So, I went on to my local thrift store and brought the fabric pieces. Flash costumes are literally maroon or dark red color, but I am just going to use the classic red color. There are a few reasons why:

  • When you think of the flash like the comic book one, it is really more of a red, not really a dark red, maroon, or anything.
  • The costume, I had to find the pieces for it at the thrift store, so it was really really challenging to find the shirt, pant, and mask all in the same shade of red. I just barely pulled it off, and it is not a hundred percent all right yet. But it is still going to work with some simple techniques. However, if you can find all those things of the same color, then feel free to use them for the project. Okay, now, let’s dive into the process.
How to Make the Flash Costume 1

Step 1

First thing first, I have got a red turtleneck, and I am going to use this for my project. Now this cloth should fit you pretty snugly because you know he is kind of wearing a spandex legging, you know, classic superhero attire.Secondly, I have got some shinny red leggings, and they match the turtle neck pretty nicely. These should be snug around your body as well, but not too snug. You know, you want to be able to move in them, otherwise you will just look like an idiot, and that is not the look we are going for. Lastly, I have got a black leather jacket.

Next, I have got a red ski mask. I bought this from Amazon; it cost 7 dollars. If you want, you can also buy them from there. It is not going to be a perfect one at the initial stage, but with a few modifications, I will make it perfect. The next thing I need is a pair of gloves. To make it look more realistic, I will use red ones. If you want, you can choose any other color but the default one is white. I have got these gloves from Target. They cost 4 dollars.

Lastly, there is a certain part of the suit, you know, like his shoulders on the chest. There they have a little bit of different fabric. It is a little bit darker and just shinier. So, I am going to use one of my older turtleneck t-shirts for that.It is a slightly different shade from the previous one, and that’s why it will make some pretty good just detail parts to really make it pop. All right, that’s the basic stuff, now let’s just put it all together and make a flashy costume.

Step 2

So, I am just going to look at the pictures and start cutting the darker one and end up by hot-gluing it right to the shirt. First of all, I have placed the dark color shirt on the top of it and then cut out the hand and neck part. Then I cut out the bottom part and make it half so that it looks just like the flash costume. Then I glued it up. I also put some details on the hand portion and added a few lines with the black sharpie. Now, I am gonna work on the flash logo that goes in the middle of his chest.

Step 3

I just traced a little lid to make the circle. It is a little on the small side, but I like that because he has the gold edging around it. For that, I have a ton of this scrap polyethylene tubing. I used a little bit of it before, and I think wrapping it with the circle will look really really good. Then it will be painted gold and pinned with the white part. Then I will just make a little flash logo with the cardboard. They are also gold glow down there.

Once you complete making the glow, we have to dive into the attachment process.

It Will Be Painted Gold

Step 4

In this case, I am going to attach some to either side of this, and then you can stick them on. It will allow you me to make a different season one logo to attach instead, you know, just swap around. I think that would look pretty good, so I am gonna do that. These things are just like stickers, so they are easy to apply. I am going to be applying them to the top and bottom of the name plates on the front.

I already have a pack of Velcro. But if you are required to buy one, you can easily get them from your nearest shop. For placing the logo, I have first marked the place where it is going to sit and then glued it off. That’s it; the attachment of the logo will be completed then.

Step 5

So, on his shirt and his pants, you can see different gold lines running around. So, for that, I am just going to cut pieces of gold duct tape and put it all around the suit.

Step 6

Next, I am going to build a belt-like thing. For this, I am going to use some more fabric from the red t-shirt. I am going to actually cut off the bottom section and glue it to the bottom of the shirt here. That will kinda look like a darker belt area, and the gold trim will not go over it or anything, but there will be a few belt buckles. After accomplishing that, I made some tiny flash logo from the cardboards and then put them on the belt.

Step 7

Now, I am going to work with the mask. For this, I am taking the previous and cutting a mouth hole just like the flash’s mask. Once I did that, I am going to put lightning bolts around the ears. For that, I am just going to do pretty basically and usual. Cut a circle out of cardboard, and lightning bolts out of it. Then I am going to spray paint of gold on it. After accomplishing that, I am going to put that in the ear section. I also drew some lightning bolt with the sharpie on the top of the head.

Work With the Mask

Step 8

Lastly, I am going to work with the shoes. For this, I am taking my regular shoe and spraying red color on it. After that, I am putting some detail on it with the duct tape. That’s it; the suit is ready.


Hopefully, you have understood the process and won’t have to ask how to make the flash costume to anyone from now. If you are still confused and need some help, you can feel free to comment me below.

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