How to Make Your Bed Look like a Magazine

If you’ve ever wished that your bedroom looked like it was pulled straight from a glossy magazine front cover, then look no further! Today we’re going to give you all the tips and tricks needed to help turn your bedroom into a cozy and stylish refuge worthy of being featured in any home decor magazine.

How to Make Your Bed Look like a Magazine

We’ll show you how to make your bed look like a magazine, choose the perfect pillow combinations, incorporate subtle elements of texture with rugs or throws, layer decorative accents for added depth, and introduce splashes of color that can make the whole room pop.

So get ready to transform your space with these easy-to-follow instructions – you’ll be sleeping in style in no time!

How Many Pillows Should Be on Bed?

When it comes to styling your bed, having the right number of pillows is important. As a general rule, you should have two or three standard-sized pillows and one accent pillow on either side of the bed when making your bed look like a magazine.

However, depending on the size of your bed and personal preference, you may need more or less. If you’re using king-size pillows (which are larger than standard), then you can get away with just one for each side.

Additionally, if you have multiple accent pillows (like lumbar or bolster) then you’ll want to reduce the number of standard-sized ones that you use to make sure everything fits properly without looking too cluttered. When it comes to pillowcases, you should stick with the same color and pattern for a cohesive look.

When styling your bed, remember that “less is more” when it comes to pillows and accessories. While it can be tempting to overdo it, a clean and minimalistic look will create an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom. Keep accessories like throws and blankets simple, or avoid them altogether to create a magazine-worthy bed! 

Additionally, be sure to fluff and arrange all of your pillows in a way that looks comfortable and inviting. Remember, the key to success is practice – so don’t be afraid to make mistakes and keep experimenting until you find a look that suits you! 

10 Methods How to Make Your Bed Look like a Magazine

1. Start with Clean Sheets.

This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s important to start with clean sheets if you want your bed to look like it belongs in a magazine. Be sure to wash your sheets regularly and iron them if necessary.

Be Sure to Wash Your Sheets Regularly and Iron Them

If you have wrinkles, they can take away from the overall look of your bed and detract from its magazine-like quality. Though you may be tempted to use a fabric softener, try to avoid it if possible. Fabric softeners can make sheets feel nice, but they can also leave them feeling stiff, which can make wrinkles more noticeable.

2. Choose a Color Scheme.

When picking out bedding, it’s important to choose a color scheme that you love, and that will complement your bedroom’s décor. Once you’ve chosen a color scheme, stick to it when selecting sheets, pillowcases, duvets, and other bedding items.

Make sure that the colors work together to create a cohesive look. To make your bed look like a magazine, try opting for neutral colors such as beige, white, grey, and navy blue. These colors create a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Adding textures to the bedding can also help create a dynamic and interesting look. Textures like velvet and linen will add a luxurious feel to your bedroom.

3. Layer your Bedding.

One of the easiest ways to make your bed look more stylish is to layer your bedding. Start with a fitted sheet, followed by a flat sheet. Then add a quilt or comforter, followed by pillows and shams. You can also add a throw blanket at the foot of the bed for extra warmth and style.

For a chic, polished look, make sure your pillows and shams are all the same size. If you prefer more variety in color and texture, you can mix and match different sizes and styles of pillows. To finish the look, top your bedding with a few decorative accent pillows for added texture and color.

4. Use Decorative Pillows.

In addition to regular pillows, consider using decorative pillows to add color and pattern to your bedscape. Look for pillows with interesting textures, such as velvet or embroidery, and mix and match different colors and patterns for a unique look.

 Decorative Pillows to Add Color and Pattern

Be sure to offset the decorative pillows with some solid-colored cushions for contrast. If you want a more minimalistic look, use one or two decorative pillows in a neutral color. Whatever design you choose, make sure the pillows are comfortable and inviting.

However, you style it, adding decorative pillows is a great way to make your bed look like it belongs in a magazine.

5. Hang a Headboard.

A headboard can really make a bed look pulled together and polished. If you don’t have a headboard, consider hanging a tapestry or piece of fabric on the wall behind your bed instead. For a more dramatic look, choose a large-scale piece of art.

This will make your bed the focal point of the room and give it a cozy, finished feel. However, make sure you hang the headboard or piece of art at a comfortable height. Nothing ruins the effect like having to strain your neck to look at it.

6. Add Greenery.

Greenery is always in style, so consider adding some plants or flowers to your bedroom to give it a fresh look. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider artificial plants or dried flowers instead. Place the plants on your dresser, nightstand, or windowsill for an instant boost of color and style.

You can even add plants to your bed itself, such as potted succulents or trailing ivy. Adding greenery to your bedroom gives it an inviting and calming atmosphere. However, be sure to avoid overdoing it. Too many plants can cause clutter and make your room look disorganized – just a few pieces of greenery is enough to make a statement.

7. Style your Nightstands.

Your nightstands are an important part of making your bed look like it belongs in a magazine spread. Be sure to clear off any clutter and style them with items that you love, such as candles, books, or vases of flowers.

Your Nightstands Are an Important Part

Choose items with colors that complement your bedding, and be sure to leave some open space for a calming effect. You can also add a few personal touches, like a framed photo or a special trinket that brings you joy. With the right styling, your nightstands will enhance the overall look of your room.

8. Hang Curtains or Drapes.

Curtains or drapes can really make a difference in the overall look of your bedroom by adding color, pattern, and texture. Hang them on either side of the window or across the entire wall for maximum impact.

Try to find curtains that complement your bedding and other accents in the room. If you’re feeling extra creative, hang both curtains and blinds for a layered look. Don’t forget to tie back the curtains with some fun tassels or sashes for a special touch!

9. Add Lighting.

The right lighting can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your bedroom, so don’t forget to add some lamps or sconces. Soft and ambient lighting can create a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for winding down after a long day. If you prefer a brighter environment with more of an open, airy feel, opt for overhead lightings such as recessed lights or pendant lights.

10. Accessorize the Room.

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your bedspread! Consider adding some artwork on the walls, a rug underneath your bed, or even a few throw pillows for an extra touch of personality and style. Adding accessories to the room can really tie the look together.

 Add the Finishing Touches to Your Bedspread

Remember, you don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture or accessories for your bedspread – simply rearranging what you already have can make a huge difference in how it looks. Finally, don’t forget about lighting.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to achieve a magazine-worthy look in no time! 

Just remember to keep things minimalistic, choose colors and patterns that you love, and make sure everything is comfortable and inviting. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to create the perfect bedspread for your bedroom – one that will look like it belongs in a magazine! Happy styling!


All it takes to make your bed look like a magazine is some thought and effort. With a bit of creativity, you can transform your bedroom into a chic and stylish sanctuary that looks straight out of a decor mag. Just remember to focus on quality items that will last and use neutral colors with special accents for pops of personality.

Good luck with making your bed look like a magazine oasis! And if you need more inspiration, be sure to check out our blog post: How to make your bed look like a magazine! Here we provide detailed steps and tips to make sure your bed is the masterpiece it deserves to be.

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