How to Open a Locked Storm Door


You might have a storm door that is locked, and for whatever reason, you can’t get it open. It could be because the winter weather has caused the lock or latch to freeze and stick. Or perhaps your child locked the door while playing outside, and now you need to find a way in without breaking anything. It could also be that someone left it closed from inside, leaving you out on the porch until they decide to open it again. Maybe even some burglar broke into your house through a front door window or basement window but was able to lock themselves out before making a run with all of your valuables. Today I a going to discuss a process on how to open a locked storm door.

Storm Door

Step-wise Guide on How to Open a Locked Storm Door

Step 1:

  The first thing you need to do is determine if the door is locked from inside or outside. If it’s locked from the inside, then there are chances that the house’s occupant has pulled the sliding screen shut. Please take note, even when you pull back on the screen and discover that it’s unlocked, make sure to leave it down as this prevents any unnecessary drafts and makes use of your home heating system more efficient.

Step 2: 

Once you’ve confirmed that your door isn’t locked from within but rather by an external force (perhaps somebody else in your house has locked it from the outside), you will have to take a look at the bottom of your door and locate the locking mechanism. The handle or latch for this mechanism is normally located on the left side of your door, but there are times when it can also be found at the top on both sides as well. If you’re having difficulties finding it, push gently on those areas and see if that solves your problem.

Step 3: 

Once you’ve found out where the lock is located, all you need to do now is gain access to this section of your door by sliding back its screens gently so that you can reach inside without much trouble. If there isn’t a screen in front of this area, then make sure that you remove the screen in front of your door and move it to this location. If there are no screens, you will have to find a thin tool for you to reach inside and unlock the mechanism.

Lock Of Storm Door

Step 4: 

Once all that has been taken care of, now you need to locate the locking device on your storm door. It can be tricky at times, but you will definitely get better at locating it after some practice. As a general guideline, try pulling gently on its handle while feeling around for any metallic or stick-like mechanisms (like an old wooden ruler) located near the latch/handle area. Also, see if you can feel another lock just above the latch area.

Once you’ve managed to locate your lock, push on it gently and try moving it in either direction (up or down), which should unlock the mechanism. However, if that doesn’t work for you, then start pushing and turning on the stick-like mechanisms in a clockwise motion as well as any other locks located nearby until this mechanism also starts sliding around by itself. If this still isn’t enough to open the door, keep trying different combinations of hooks, sticks, rods, and locks until you manage to figure out how to open a storm door.

Step 5: 

Once you feel like your lock is unlocking consistently with your various moves; then it’s time that you stop messing around with it altogether since any more tampering will cause it to malfunction eventually. If your lock does happen to get ruined somehow, then don’t be alarmed. You can contact a nearby locksmith and have them replace the mechanism for you in no time at all.

Step 6: 

Congratulations! You now know how to open a locked storm door without damaging it since all you had to use was some gentle force to pull off this feat. So whenever an unwanted guest is visiting your house, try out these steps on how to unlock your storm door and show them that nobody messes with the master of the house – especially those who are invited over!

Precautions While Opening a Locked Storm Door

Precautions While Opening a Locked Storm Door

Before opening a locked storm door, make sure there is proper lighting on it. Sometimes the sun or the streetlight may be flashing through the closed slats of your storm door and making it almost impossible to see. Before you begin working with your keys, try to remember if they are for a single-cylinder lock or a double cylinder lock. If you have forgotten, then take just enough time to look at each key to see which number (1-2) lines up on both sides of the keyhole. This will tell you whether you need one or two keys to unlock the deadbolt attached to your front storm door. Look at all possible ways in which the locks can be engaged before proceeding further. Never force anything into any part of the closing mechanism.

Otherwise, you would end up jamming it further and making things even more difficult for yourself. So the first thing you need to do is get a good grip on your keys in one hand while you use the other hand as leverage to pry open your door. If multiple locks have been engaged with each other, then use both hands – otherwise, keep the primary key in one hand and use the thumb of your other hand to press against the door near its main lock.


It is effortless to open a locked storm door. You can follow the steps mentioned in this article for this purpose. I hope you have obtained a clear conception of how to open a locked storm door. You must ensure proper safety while conducting the process and you must remember to take necessary professional advice to reduce the chance of injury. Thank you and have a nice day!

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