How to Scarecrow Makeup

Scarecrow makeup is a popular Halloween look that can be achieved with a few easy steps. This article will show you how to create a basic scarecrow makeup look using eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. With just a few simple supplies, you can achieve this festive look in no time!

how to scarecrow makeup

Do you want to learn how to scarecrow makeup look? This type of makeup is perfect for Halloween, and it’s surprisingly easy to do. We’ll also provide tips on creating the perfect finish for your scarecrow makeup. So get ready to create a spooky masterpiece!

8 Easy Ways on How to Scarecrow Makeup

1. Scarecrow in the Rain

Combine your foundation, facial powder, and blush together. Apply to the face with a makeup brush or sponge. Apply yellow eyeshadow around the center of your eyelids. Make sure to create a curve shape around the outside for your eyelid crease. Use black cream eyeliner to the line within your eyelid crease.

Use your black pencil eyeliner to each eye’s top and bottom lash line. Next, curl your lashes, apply two coats of mascara to both the top and bottom lashes, and add fake eyelashes if you so desire! Finally, use the matte nude lip color to complete this Scarecrow makeup look.

2. Apply Dark Red Lipstick

If you want to be a devilish scarecrow, this step becomes crucial. First, outline your lips with the red lipstick and fill it in about halfway. After that, use a darker shade of lipstick and go over the outline from the previous step. Make sure that you leave your lips looking like a smirk; think of the Joker’s lipstick, but with less white paint.

3. Apply Black or Brown Contacts

It is important to match your contacts with the color of the rest of your costume. For example, if you are doing a primarily black scarecrow, then use dark brown contacts. If you are doing a primarily white scarecrow, use dark black contacts.

If possible, make sure that you can’t see any of your natural eye colors through the contact lenses (some camera phone screens might show off what your natural eyes look like).

Use Black Eyeliner

4. Put on a Scarecrow Button-Down Shirt

The shirt should be in gray and should not have any logos or text. The shirt should cover your hands and come down to your thighs. Make sure that you can put the top button through the hole, but the bottom button is too far away from doing so. If you don’t have a scarecrow shirt, any button-down shirt will do.

5. Put on Gray or Tan Pant

The pants should be the same color as your shirt and should not have any logos or text on them. They should fit snugly against your legs and come down to your ankles (about an inch above them). Make sure that your socks are the same color as the pants, and they come up to about three inches above your ankle bone.

6. Put on Black Shoes

These should be old shoes or boots, not those you plan to wear for Halloween. They must either lace-up or buckle but can’t have either of those options (if they have those options, then don’t wear them). If you can’t find shoes that match the rest of your outfit, then go without any shoes at all.

7. Use Accessorize

There are no right accessories for a scarecrow costume, and there isn’t a wrong way to accessorize either (as long as they don’t conflict with the rest of your outfit). Some good ideas for accessories are:

  • A Dark Grey or Brown Fedora Hat,
  • Pipe,
  • Straw Hat (if you live in a warm climate, then this will be perfect),
  • Pocket Watch on a Chain (it should be tucked into your shirt),
  • A Dark Grey or Brown Cloak (if it is cool out),
  • A Cane, Broomstick, or Pitch Fork.

8. Put on Caterpillar Makeup

Please start with the lightest shade of foundation that you own and put it all over your face. Then, continue by putting on a darker (but not too dark) shade of foundation and then putting on a lighter one again (this time, try blending the two shades before applying it to your face).

Apply Dark Red Lipstick

Make sure that no area on your face doesn’t have any makeup on it, and your skin looks like a cracked, clay ground. If you make a mistake, use some cotton swabs with either the lightest shade or the darkest shade of foundation to fix any areas that don’t look right (don’t use both; just one).

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Some Tips and Suggestions

1. If using white makeup, use a skin-safe white adhesive. If not, keep your facial hair out of sight.

2. Layering the straws is to be done by putting them in between your facial hair then pinching them down to ensure they are attached to your face.

3. Use crushed walnuts or dried beans to add volume to your hair.

4. To make skin look dirty and pale, mix in a few shades of green and brown (you can use the colors in the materials list below) into your makeup palette, then use that to apply to your face instead of white makeup.

5. Keep your lips colorless or use a pale pink so that they don’t take away from the scarecrow’s dry and rugged look.

6. The makeup and outfit don’t have to be perfect. The trick is in the character’s posture and movements.


When trying scarecrow makeup, the first step you should take is to find a good base color like white or black and cover your face with it as evenly as possible. After that, use an orange lipstick for dry lips; if not available, make one out of red and yellow food coloring mixed in equal parts. To finish off this look, put some green eye shadow on top of your eyelids and then line them with brown eyeliner just below the eyes.

You can also try using blue mascara because it makes people’s pupils go dark, which could help create a scary appearance! We hope this blog post on how to scarecrow makeup has been helpful. If you have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to comment below!

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