How to Upholster Around Curves

An upholster is something that can give you the maximum amount of comfort. It also enhances the overall design of your room and makes it look more stylish. So, if you want to obtain comfort stylishly, I will strongly recommend getting high-quality upholstery from the market. But the problem that every homeowner’s face is the ripped portion of edges. The problem extends when you have a curved edge sofa. The stuff becomes relatively hard when you are about to fix the ripped portion of a curved back sofa. Don’t worry; in this article, I will show you how to upholster around curves with the ply-grips so that you can fix the edges properly.

How to Upholster Around Curves

I have chosen the ply-grip for this project. These are super handy and work like magic to close up your sofa. Once you set the ply grip, fill each hole of the ply grip with a staple. Push it right up against the bottom of the piping, and I do recommend when you are using ply grips that, you use piping as well. It is because it makes the edge a lot cleaner and crisper.

Once you know how long it will be, cut the end with scissors. Make sure you are not using the main part of the blade. Now that you have completed the edges, you have to close the edges. Then put a layer of bonded polyester on the back and put a fabric that should be bigger on all four sides. After that, take a regulator and push it between the teeth of the ply-grip. Once you complete that, trim the residual sides, and that’s it; you will be able to make your sofa as good as new again.

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