How to Stiffen a Straw Cowboy Hat

I have such a brown cowboy hat, which I carry across the field whenever it’s cold and snowy. It holds my head warmer and my glasses away from the cold. But pretty soon, it gets punched or out of formation. I don’t even mind how it appears as much as it functions, but sometimes I reorganize it.

I do have a black cowboy hat, whenever it’s cold and snowy, I carry at the job. It got tossed about in the vehicle, and it has to be re-stiffened, restructured, and sometimes water-resistant until far. I started recalling how my father touched up my cap and how clean and rigid this was, so I wanted to give it another shot.


Any paraffin wax was the very first component I wanted. You probably say it’d be simple sufficient to purchase paraffin wax, but it could be tough to obtain through it unless it was the canning time. I decided on the dry, unflavored candles at last. I chose to be odorless, so when they smoke, candles let off so much dust, and I really would not like my caps to feel like a perfume.

I think it would dissolve the candle with the old generator I had in my store to warm stuff up but was too inefficient, so I fired my heat gun, which also burned up the candle far quicker. With wax melting, I applied the wax mostly on underneath the brim and the caps interior using a tiny brush. I coated the interior and underneath so there’d be less visible from the inside / underneath if there had been a waxy layer.

While I was over, there had been a waxy smell, as it felt had not removed any of the wax. Now that’s where my father ended, he just sprayed on the candle wax and then let the cap soak as far as it can, and that’s all correct on the white hat of a child since everyone notices what the hat appears like. Ok, as I said, although I’m not a child. So, I took my heat gun and warmed the wax on the cap to let the wax dissolve into the felt.

To my joy and excitement, the wax cooled and then almost totally consumed the sensation. What’s not soaked, I rubbed the paste with a heavy scrubbing brush, extracted the polish that I might, and afterward warmed the wax it until all of it had been soaked up into the cap.

This was solid and sturdy when the hat settled. The technique went well enough that I waxed my black hat, too, though. I’m pleased. I might have put a little bit much more wax underneath the black hat’s head as its white waxy stain is small. Nobody except me, though, recognizes that it’s there, so I don’t mind.

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