How to Sharpen Makeup Pencil Without Sharpener


A pencil for application of makeup is a pencil with its tip sharpened into a point and used to apply, blend, or define the edges of makeup on the eyelids, lips, eyebrows, or other areas where it can be used. An eyebrow pencil is a pencil-shaped eyebrow brush attached to a shorter handle containing more makeup than traditional eyebrow brushes.

It is sometimes called an eyebrow brush pencil to distinguish it from eye-shadow click sticks, which are not meant for actual use as brushes. These should be distinguished from small stick markers that may have bristles. For keeping the pencil in good shape, you must keep the lead sharpened. But sometimes, having a sharpener around is not possible. For this reason, today, I am going to discuss how to sharpen makeup pencil without sharpener. So let us get started.

Stepwise Guide on How to Sharpen Makeup Pencil Without Sharpener:

Step One:

Ensure that your pencil is clean and free of any makeup residue.

Step Two:

To get the best results, put your pencil in a zip lock bag and place it in the freezer for 9 minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when you hear cracking sounds. Take it out after 5 minutes and you’ll see ice crystals all over the surface. The quality of the ingredients used in your makeup pencil will determine if this method works or not, so test an unused portion of your makeup pencil first to avoid wasting any product.

Tip: If you have one, use an ice cube instead of using water because it’s faster at freezing up than plain water is! By placing the makeup pencil in the freezer, we are doing so to harden the makeup pencil’s product, which in turn makes it easier to sharpen.

I need to reiterate here to make sure you are using an unused portion of your makeup pencil before giving this method a try because if not, this would essentially be like throwing money down the drain! However, if everything ends up working out for you, then go ahead and use some part of your makeup pencil on your face first before putting it inside the freezer.

The goal of freezing a makeup pencil is to make it harder and more solid than usual. To do this, put the makeup pencil in a zip lock bag and then put it in the freezer. Leave it there for 9 minutes before taking it out and proceeding to the next step.

Step Three:

You need to have someone hold your makeup pencil while you pull/twist off the top portion of your makeup pencil by using some force from both hands as you rotate it. Once you’ve done this, be sure not to lose the cap because we will need that later!

Step Four:

Carefully remove any excess makeup that has built up at the tip. We are doing this because having too much product at the tip could mean wasting more resources than we need to if we ever decide to sharpen our makeup pencil. Again, do so carefully with a small, thin piece of plastic (such as the zip from a zip lock bag) to avoid further damaging the tip.

How to Sharpen Makeup Pencil

Step Five:

You need to wash the tip of your makeup pencil using warm water and soap thoroughly before proceeding to step 6! A dirty/gritty tip is usually what causes us to break our makeup pencils into tiny pieces or crumble them up after trying to sharpen them with a sharpener. That being said, washing off all excess makeup on our makeup pencil will ensure that no such thing happens when you sharpen it using this method.

Step Six:

Take your cap back and put it back on top of your pencil again (without letting go of its hold).

Step Seven:

Insert the tip of your makeup pencil into an old, clean and empty contact lens case. Then secure it in place using some tape.

Step Eight:

Using a grater, grate off tiny pieces of your makeup pencil by firmly pressing down on it while constantly rotating it. Don’t worry about shaving off too much because we will be getting rid of the excess product when we repeatedly do this step.

I used to use my ordinary kitchen’s cheese graters, but if you want something more convenient that works just fine too, then head over to your nearest Daiso store and grab yourself one for less than 2 bucks!  It’s so cheap yet very effective at doing the job! If there are any pretty designs et cetera etched into your grater, then it might be a good idea to scrape off all of them before starting to sharpen your makeup pencils because they can cause you to waste more material than you should.

Using a Grater

Step Nine:

Clean out your contact lens case using warm water so that there would be no traces of loose makeup gunk left behind inside it. We don’t want that getting mixed up with our newly sharpened makeup pencil! Repeat steps 8 and 9 over and over until the product inside your contact lens case starts looking like this:

Precautions While Performing How to Sharpen Makeup Pencil Without Sharpener:

1. Be very careful while you are sharpening your makeup pencil without a sharpener to avoid injury or injury to any person present next to you.

2. To avoid injury, always clean the blade before and after use. This will also help extend its lifespan, as dirt and debris left on the blade can cause it to break more easily – especially with cheaper models. In the long run, this will save you money.

3. It is best not to sharpen makeup pencils that have mineral oil in them as they can melt with high heat and cause injuries like burns and blisters on your hands while you try to do this task of shortening a sharpened pencil’s tip by hand. However, it is recommended for you to sharpen makeup pencils that have been sharpened and used before.

4. It is not recommended that you put makeup pencils that have been sharpened and used before in your mouth as they may cause injury to your teeth or gums etc. Try to avoid this at all costs unless you want a trip to the dentist!

5. Do not apply too much pressure while sharpening makeup pencils without a sharpener as they could break easily, especially cheap ones; keep in mind sometimes even expensive ones can break if mishandled. This means spending more money on them in the long run and also time spent looking for replacements for broken makeup pencils instead of using them to create beauty on yourself or others like children, etc.

How Do You Sharpen a Maybelline Eyeliner?

Sharpening your eyeliner pencil is simple, with just some basic supplies and a few easy steps. Here’s how to sharpen your Maybelline stiff or creamy eyeliners:

  1. Start by gathering the necessary supplies: A sharpener made for makeup pencils, a cotton swab, and a tissue.
  2. Twist up your eyeliner until the tip is exposed enough to fit into the sharpener. Don’t twist too hard or you could break it off completely!
  3. Place the tip of your eyeliner into the sharpener and turn in one direction until the desired point is achieved.
  4. Wipe away any excess product from around the edges of your newly sharpened pencil with a cotton swab, then use a tissue as needed to clean off any remaining product from the sharpener itself or on your face or hands.
  5. You’re now ready to apply your beautiful, sharp Maybelline eyeliner! Enjoy!

Can I Sharpen Lip Liner With a Pencil Sharpener? 

Sharpen a Lipstick Pencil

Yes, you can sharpen a lipstick pencil with a regular pencil sharpener. You don’t have to use a lip liner sharpener. Lip liners often come with small diameters, and hence it’s hard to get your desired look when using a regular-sized pencil sharpener.

If you want the shape of the tip razor-sharp, then I suggest using an eyeliner or brow pencil sharpener instead because they are more suited for that purpose.  Sharpening lip liners is very easy and takes just a few seconds. There is no need to be careful because the tip won’t break off with pencil sharpeners.

Frequently Asked Question

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have Eyeliner Sharpener?

There are many ways to sharpen your eyeliner without an eyeliner sharpener. You can use a credit card, a knife, or even a spoon.

The best way to sharpen your eyeliner is to hold the pencil at a 45-degree angle and move it up and down the pen until it is sharpened.

Can You Sharpen a Lip Crayon?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on the type of lip crayon you are trying to sharpen. However, if you are trying to sharpen lipstick, then you will need a sharpener that can handle fine blades.

You Will Need a Sharpener

Can Kylie Lip Liners Be Sharpened?

Kylie Lip Liners can be sharpened, but it is not recommended because the liners are made of soft and delicate material. If they are sharpened, the liner may become brittle and difficult to use.

Can You Make a Sharp Knife Out of Plastic?

Yes, you can make a sharp knife out of plastic. However, it is not recommended to do so as the plastic may not hold an edge well and could potentially be dangerous.


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to sharpen makeup pencil without a sharpener. Thank you and have a nice day!

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