How to Stucco Over Brick Chimney

Applying stucco is always a challenge for the painter because the health and the condition of the wall are still important. For this reason, we are exhibiting a simple technique on how to stucco over a brick chimney. This will be much beneficial for the craftsmen.

How to Stucco Over Brick Chimney


Step One

At first, you need to prepare the stucco that you want to apply to the wall. But before that, you have to make sure that the wall of the chimney is ready for the application of stucco. The wall should be properly washed before applying the stucco, and you also have to use adhesive on the wall. The washing of the wall with a high-pressure pump is necessary because before applying the stucco, all the debris should be removed from the wall.

Step Two

After the wall is prepared, you have to take a trowel and then start applying stucco. The brick wall will have ridges in between the bricks. For this reason, the stucco should be applied uniformly. The trowel should be used in a particular direction. This helps to develop a better connection stucco and the wall.

Applying Stucco Over Brick Chimney

Step Three

After the first layer of the stucco is applied, you have to strengthen the layers’ connection. For this, you have to take some water in a bucket and then mix some stucco in it. Afterward, you have to take a smooth trowel and then soak it in water, and then you have to apply the trowel over the applied stucco in a circular manner. This will help to make the stucco aligned with the standard wall. In this manner, you can easily apply stucco over a brick chimney.

Final Thought

In conclusion, we would like to state that the process we have said here will benefit stucco on the degraded chimney wall. This will make the walls sturdier. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!!

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