How to Tell if Someone Has Opened Your Door

Some people are very paranoid about the security of their front door. They feel that someone can easily break-in by opening the door, and they may be right. A common question for “How to tell if someone has opened your door” is answered below.

How to Tell if Someone Has Opened Your Doors

Step- WIse Guide on How to Tell if Someone Has Opened Your Door

The only thing that is keeping them out is the knob. When you go to lock your room, you may notice that the bolt has not engaged completely into the knob hole because there was something in its way. Take some pliers and try to maneuver them under the lock plate and pull up on it a little bit to get better alignment with the hole that goes into the door frame. This will allow for a much better locking ability of your doorknob as well as more security. Also, always check if all of your doors are actually locked when you leave a room or household valuable things such as money or candies/foods. There’s always a possibility of someone forgetting to lock the door (especially if you have multiple children running around unsupervised). Another way is not to use the knob when locking your doors. Most people don’t realize that there are other ways to keep your doorknob locked once you have already locked it, and I’d like to show them.

I would recommend taking a look at how you close your own room door most often. See if there’s an option for only partially closing the door not to latch completely. What this does is keeps the doorknob in its original place where you inserted the key/keycard or whatever method you use to lock it originally, but still allows for enough space where someone can push in and open the door.

If that doesn’t work for you, then use a lock your key always leaves in place and padlock or screw in a hook-and-eye combo with the padlock on it and leave it unlocked. Once you have done this, close your doors normally without locking them; shut them only partially, leaving the key/keycard inside of the hole. After closing the door, lock the lock from the outside by inserting something such as a small bent piece of paper into its hole and pressing it down so that this won’t fall out easily.

If someone wants to open your door but can’t because they don’t have the key, they’ll be forced to break in. This way, you know for a fact that no one opened your room without your permission. I’ve had this set up on my bedroom door and have saved myself many times from people trying to get into my room when I’m not around (brothers or sisters).

Some Smart Ways of Locking/securing Your Doors

The Closet Door:

Even though it seems like there is nothing much to do with this door since it doesn’t lock, there are some creative things you can put on or close it with, which will prevent someone from opening it while you’re gone. After closing the main door, push in against the closet door at the top and use a paper clip or something to keep this door from opening fully when someone tries to push in on it. This will make it impossible for anyone to open the closet door while you’re locking the main one.

The Window:

There are a few ways to secure windows as well. You could completely shut them where they’ll then be flush against the wall, but if you don’t want that, close them partly with some object holding them so that no one can open them easily (this is especially important at night because people may try to get inside through them). Some good things are two pieces of fabric tied together lengthwise; it doesn’t even have to be too thick. Then, when you close the window, you tie and knot it around one of its handles so that no one can pull them open.

A Sliding Door:

If your apartment or house has a sliding glass or plastic door to the outside, then there are other ways of securing this as well. You don’t have to lock or screw anything, but you can block off one side of it with an object such as a desk chair which will prevent anyone from sliding it out completely. If someone wants to get in through here, they’ll be forced to break in, which is good for security (unless an outsider/bad guy snatches away your chair while you’re gone, which I would be careful of).

The Balcony Door:

You could close the sliding glass doors on your balcony with a curtain or piece of fabric so that no one can easily get in as well. Once you’ve left, slide this curtain/fabric closed and leave it locked. If someone tries to get into your apartment through here, they’ll have to break the glass after you’ve locked it, which will make noise letting you know something’s going on.

The Balcony  Door

Locking the Main Door First:

After locking your sliding doors, window, closet door, etc., you should always close and lock your main front door last. This way, if anyone wanted to come in for any reason but didn’t succeed with the other things, then you’ll be alerted by their knocking or all the noise they’ll make trying to get in.


Lastly, I hope you have obtained all the related information about how to tell if someone has opened your door. Thank you and have a nice day!

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