How to Unlock a Door Knob With a Hole on the Side


A doorknob is a device used to open or close a door. It consists of a “knob” and a “mortise”. The mortise has two parts: the cylindrical portion of the lock body that contains an axle for turning and the rectangular portion that fits into the opening in the door and has detents for locking. The first doorknobs appeared on Egyptian doors. Prisoners made them from clay, stone, or iron rings mounted on wooden posts. This style was also used in ancient Greece and other civilizations where circular discs were attached to pull-rods.

However, this design did not prove popular because it required stretching over to push/pull from outside one’s bedroom, house. Today I am going to discuss how to unlock a door knob with a hole on the side.

How to Unlock a Door Knob With a Hole on the Side

Step-wise Guide on How to Unlock a Door Knob With a Hole on the Side

The whole process takes a couple of minutes and is pretty simple.

Step 1:

First, take the end of your paper clip and put it into the hole of your doorknob so that you can feel if there is anything inside or not. Now twist it around gently to see what happens. If you successfully twist it around, then follow step 2, but if not, repeat this step until you get something out from this area. (It could be anything between- an old key, a small piece of wood or some other material)

Step 2:

After feeling something in the hole, now apply more pressure on the Paper Clip and try to open the doorknob with the help of a paper clip but don’t forget that during this time, you need to be steady while applying pressure on the knob so that you can keep your balance and don’t lose it. A slight jerk of the door may help in this process. Finally, see what happens. If you can open the door, then follow step 3, but repeat Step 2 until you get a positive result out from here.

Step 3:

Now take the end of a paper clip and put it into the hole we used in the previous step (that is where we got something out from). Now twist it around as we did in Step 1, but this time, we should try to push our key or wood or other material inside from outside rather than pushing it from inside as we did in the second step. This way, we will be able to push the material inside and turn it around.

Step 4:

If you succeed in twisting your key from outside, then apply more pressure on the paper clip and try to open the doorknob. If not, repeat Step 3 until you are successful in opening the door. (It is tricky at first, but it becomes pretty easy after some practice, so don’t give up).

Apply More Pressure on the
 Paper Clip and Try to 
Open the Doorknob.

Step 5:

If you have managed to open your door by now, then that’s great. Remove your paper clip and clean off all the old stuff which comes out of the hole. Now put some lubricant or any oil or cream into this hole so that it doesn’t get jammed so easily next time.  You should be able to turn your doorknob smoothly now.

Step 6:

After this, see if there is any lock-in between the hole on your doorknob and try to push it inside as deeply as possible so that it doesn’t come out easily next time, and you can use this method again. You are done!  If not, leave a comment below. I’ll try my best to help you out. Good luck with your project!

Precautions While Performing How to Unlock a Door Knob With a Hole on the Side

  • Always keep the doorknob area locked when a lock is in place.
  • Take all the measures while unlocking as per the instructions below to avoid any serious accidents happening around you or anyone else coming across you trying this at their own risk. If anything major happens, I will not be responsible for it. So do it only if you are ready to take responsibility for your actions.
  • This method does NOT work with a deadbolt, just regular locks installed on doors and window handles (after-market ones).
Unlock a Door Knob With
a Hole on the Side Is Not
Working With a Deadbolt Lock
  • While doing this, always wear gloves to don’t leave fingerprints anywhere, which could help identify yourself later by law enforcement agencies or security companies, etc.

How to Unlock a Door Without a Key?

There are several ways to unlock a door without a key. The information below will teach you how to do this on just about any door found in the United States.

To unlock a knob with an exterior hole, put your finger on the outside of the knob and pull the knob towards yourself. While pulling towards yourself, push up (away from the floor) on the inside of the plate connected to the strike plate.

Do not push down while pushing away from yourself – there is no need for this, and it may break your lock assembly if excessive force is used. Just make sure your fingers stay outside of both sides of the door when unlocking or replacing a doorknob set if they have been removed or damaged during installation.

Door knobs with holes are most commonly found in apartment buildings, schools, and office buildings.  These knobs can be very challenging to use if you have never been shown how to unlock a doorknob with an outside hole. This is especially true for persons who are physically challenged or handicapped. If this describes you or someone you love, please read on how to unlock a doorknob easily without using your key.

Door Knob Maintenance Tips

To keep the doorknob working properly, you need to inspect and maintain it regularly. One of the best ways for inspection is to move your hand over the surface and feel any rough edges or sharp points. Though this may not be a perfect method, it’s better than nothing.

Check if the screws, bolts, and washers are tight or loosened. Check whether all the inner parts are present intact or some of them have become loose due to use, etc.

Grip Holds: A Doorknob with a grip hold can easily be unlocked using a small screwdriver when one side of its lock feed hole has been opened first by taking off its cover plate. But remember that a grip hold cannot open these types of handles. So, there’s no need to try and keep the security of your house intact.

Handle with Care: Always remember that when you’re trying to open a door handle or knob which has an attached plate or cover, then try not to use any blunt tools like screwdrivers, etc., as this could damage the surface of the knob.

If just using your bare hands doesn’t work out for you, then have patience and try opening it from time to time until you get used to its working pattern. Remove Rust: Any rust on the knob must be removed with emery paper so that it can look good again and help you open it smoothly without exerting too much pressure on your hand.


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to unlock a door knob with a hole on the side. Ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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