How to Add a Fabric Panel to a Dress

We are always sincere about clothes; naturally, we would want to conform to the recent fashion to keep ourselves updated. Sometimes, the dress becomes small or short, or the current trend does not go well with the dress. In such cases, we seek to change the design of the dress. Adding a fabric panel can be the best way to enhance your dress’s beauty and viability.

This will reduce the extra cost of buying a new dress, and the labor required for this process is also relatively less. And the materials needed for this process can be easily obtained. For our readers’ betterment today, we will discuss an easy technique that will allow you to learn the method efficiently.

How to Add a Fabric Panel to a Dress


The process included in this discussion is straightforward. Before starting the process, you have to gather some materials. The first thing you need is the fabric panel, and you have to remember that the additional panel should match the cloth’s design. It is better to add the same color panel, it will make the dress look beautiful, and if you can sew the part properly, it will not be visible to people.

You will also need a pair of scissors, some yarns, and an ordinary needle used for sewing. You can also use a sewing machine, and this will be much helpful in working quickly. After you have accumulated the materials, you can start working. You have to take the dress, and then you have to decide which part will be redesigned.

You have to take clothing chalk and measure the cloth. Then you have to measure the amount you want to add to your dress. The measurement of the panel is essential because it must have to merge properly with the dress. After this, you have to take the panel, align it with the dress, and cut it with scissors.

sewing  the dress

The edge of the panel should be sewn to the dress. Before that, you must take out the main dress’s stitches. You can use a regular needle for this process, allowing you to merge the panel properly. Now you have to the dress and place it over the panel. It is better to put the dress on the panel; it will cover the edge of the panel, and merging the fabrics will be relatively easy.

To connect the panels of your dress, it is best to detach it sidewise. This will make the process more comfortable and give you a clear path for sewing. Once you have sewn up the side of the dress, you can use scissors to cut away any excess yarn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Panel on a Dress?

The panel on a dress is an eyelet design often used in fashion. It is usually found on the hem of a skirt or coat. It also can be found on the edges of dresses, tops, and sweaters. Panel on a dress can be seen as decorative, but they are also functional because they help to keep the fabric from fraying.

How Do You Cut a Panel Gown?

You should take the garment off and lay it flat on a table to cut a panel gown. Then fold the bottom of the gown in half with the hem at your waist. Next, place one hand on top of the fabric on each side where you want to cut. Next, bring both hands down to your sides, so they are just above your hips, and stretch out the fabric until it is taut.

Now use a straight edge (like a ruler) to mark your cuts, and make sure not to get too close to any seams or buttons. Finally, use scissors or shears to cut along your marks carefully without snipping into anything else.

What Do Brides Wear Under Their Dresses?

Bridal dresses are usually designed to be very fitted and revealing. This means that the bride will likely have a lot of skin showing through her dress, making it difficult to wear undergarments that aren’t visible.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that the process we have mentioned here will help you to add panels to your dress correctly. You must be very careful while performing this task, as using scissors and needles can be dangerous. We always suggest that you take the necessary precautions in such cases. Thank you for your time, and have a good day.

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