How to Do an Offset on Cricut

Offset is actually a shadow of your design. It makes the overall appearance bolder and enhances interior design. So, if you have this artistic zeal to make boring things interesting, then you should apply them to your house. Well, circuits designs are one of the most useful items that can take the offsets into a newer level. So, using them for offset will obviously a great idea. But how to do an offset on circuit? If you really want to learn the easiest tactic, I will recommend you to leave all your tasks and concentrate on the article.

How to Do an Offset on Cricut

Cricut works on the different operating systems, so based on that, your screen may be slightly different. So, start with the text box and then type in the word that you want to use. Remember, you may have to change your letter spacing. For this, you have to go to edit and decrease the letter spacing so that the letter looks better.

After that, you have to go to action and weld the word that you have typed earlier. It will help the machine to read it as one layer, not a separated one. Now, you have to set the width.

Once you complete that, you have to get to the layer option and then change from cut to print. Don’t worry; you won’t have to print it at all. If you are doing this on apple, I-pad you can simply take a screenshot.

Now, insert it inside the canvas and then rotate it over and resize according to another image on which you want to create a shadow. Now, go to the bilayer tab and change the color of the other layer. Now, set that image on the shadow layer. That’s it; your offset is ready now.

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