How to Fix a Costume Wig

If you are a cosplayer, then no one knows how important a wig is for you. A simple dangle or broken wig quality can ruin your entire dress up. Yes, you can obviously buy another one and throw the older one in your trash can. But think of a day when you have to dress up quickly and have got no time to buy a new one. That’s why you should learn how to fix a costume wig when it is detangled or broken. Don’t worry; it is not that hard, and I have picked some of the easiest steps for you.

Every cosplayer’s dream is to buy a quality wig. Even I cherish this dream. But the problem is that they are overpriced and really very expensive. We may afford one or two, but buying a new wig for our new look every month can cost a huge amount of money. That’s why sometimes we have to go for the cheap versions. So, let’s have a look at the steps that may work as a blessing for you.

Supplies Needed

  1. Wig
  2. Fabric softener
  3. Baby powder
  4. Bucket
  5. Wig head
  6. Wig stand

How to Fix a Costume WigHow to Fix a Costume Wig

Step 1

First of all, grab a wig that goes perfectly with your costume. You can find them at any store near you.

Step 2

Take a clean bucket. You can use your old mop bucket for this if you can’t find a fresh one. Put the wig inside of the bucket and fill it up with some fabric softener. After that, fill one-third of the bucket with cold water. Leave it overnight to soak.

Step 3

Once you have put that overnight, rinse all of the softeners out with cold water. Try to dry it up as much as you can by using your towel or cloth. But make sure not to use a hairdryer. Cheap wigs won’t be able to withstand the extreme heat of the hairdryer. Also, make sure to comb the wig from the bottom to the top; it will help you to untangle the strands.

Step 4

Now, it is time for some styling. Actually, I lied a bit about heating these wigs. The cheap wigs can withstand a little amount of heat but not much. So, take your hair straightener and set it at the lowest heat. Once the machine has heated up, switch it off. Wait for a minute, and then use it on your wig to straighten the hairs. It is recommended to ensure how much heat your wig can take and follow that heat accordingly.

Step 5

Last of all, use some baby powder on the wig. There’s no measurement for this; apply it until you get a nice and shinier look on the wig. That’s it; you will get a nice and beautiful wig that will give you a look that you have desired to have.

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