How to Fix a Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot

Nerf guns are toy weapons that use compressed air to propel a foam ball at high speed, but what do you know when yours isn’t shooting darts properly? Nerf guns vary in size and appearance, but all have an air pump used to shoot out one or more suction darts. Unfortunately, most of the time, the reason your gun isn’t shooting is that there’s no air pressure being produced by the tank, so today, I will discuss a technique of how to fix a nerf gun that won’t shoot.

How to Fix a Nerf Gun That Won't Shoot

Reasons Behind Nerf Gun Not Shooting

There can be various reasons as to why a Nerf gun cannot shoot. It is quite possible that there could be an obstruction in the barrel of your gun. You can eliminate this by clearing the obstruction of your Nerf Gun.

The most common reason for not working Nerf guns are batteries that run out of charge or broken electrical contacts or jammed triggers, etc. Making up for these problems involves just a bit of effort put into them, and you will have your toy blaster working just fine again in no time!

Step-Wise Guide on How to Fix a Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot

When you find your toy blaster not shooting, keep these following checks to check if the problem lies within and what you should do about it:

Step 1:

Check The Battery Compartment And Rechargeable Batteries If one of your favorite toys or even one of the most demanded presents of your child is a Nerf Gun, you must have witnessed enough times when it refused to shoot. Many factors can be responsible for this: faulty batteries are often the culprits, especially when they do not recharge.

If the problem persists even after changing the batteries with new ones, check if the charger is working properly. If needed, then replace it with a new one. Now, remove the cover of the battery compartment and try charging again by inserting new batteries in the direction mentioned on them.

Changing The Battery Of Nerf gun

Step 2:

Check The Trigger Of Your Toy When your toy cannot be made to shoot, you need to confirm if it is because of its trigger mechanism being jammed somehow due to some of the reasons mentioned above. You can test its trigger by substituting a different battery type for those already in use.

When you put the new ones in, try to move and see any hitch or grind during their movement within the toy blaster. If they still seem reluctant to move, it could be because of the broken contact points requiring repairing with a soldering kit before using again.

Step 3:

Cleaning Necessary For Working Your Toy Blaster Most often than not, toys come to us dirty, and this can make them prone to jamming or malfunctioning quite easily compared to when they were new! Therefore, cleaning an old toy blaster by dismantling it into smaller components helps ensure its proper functionality. In addition, take care to remove dirt from every nook and corner, especially gun barrels, the trigger mechanism, and so on that often get clogged up with dust and grime as time passes by!

Step 4:

Try To Unlock The Jammed Trigger If you follow all these steps, but your toy blaster is still acting up badly, then it could be due to the trigger being jammed or stuck inside the toy, which can be unlocked quite easily. Use a screwdriver made for this purpose only and look for the points where it has wedged itself so that you can push hard enough to free its movement back into its original shape again. You can also try soaking the Nerf Gun in warm water so that you can push it right out of its slot, after which it would be easy to move again.

Step 5:

Check For The Presence Of Obstruction If you follow all these instructions but still find your toy blaster non-operational, then the problem could lie in some obstruction that can be causing this behavior. It is best to remove as much foreign material before carrying on with trying out different batteries. For instance, if there had been an obstruction in its barrel, then usually new ones will not run smoothly without first removing the obstructing matter from inside it!

Step 6:

Give A Few Hints To Children Too! As you may know by now, small children really appreciate being given a few hints about how to use their toys perfectly. This is particularly true. They are handling a Nerf Gun for the first time! So, find out what all points that they may not be aware of and tell them about it.

If your child is trying to shoot from some distance, then tell them to try standing closer; if they are still having trouble with their toy blaster’s trigger mechanism, then you need to explain this part more in detail so that they can do everything possible to make the trigger move easier.

Step 7:

Always Use The Appropriate Ammo  If you shoot your toy blaster using inappropriate ammo like those made of heavy and thick material, then it could jam within the barrel.

Therefore, if you need to use a gun for long-distance shooting, try not to choose anything too large in size so that it can run smoothly through the barrel without any hitches while also avoiding shooting at objects located too close by.

Always Use the Appropriate Ammo

Step 8:

Never Overheat Your Blaster Blasters usually get overheated when you load them up with lots of ammunition over a concise period of time! This is why they often require regular cleaning at least once every two weeks! When they are used or stored improperly, this could happen easily without warning and thus cause damage to other components of your toy blaster as well.

Precautions While Learning How to Fix a Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot

While fixing a Nerf gun that won’t shoot, be sure that the safety features are off. Make sure there is no obstruction in the barrel of the gun. Keep all people and pets at a distance as you operate on your gun. If you need to wear eye protection while working, do so.

If you find yourself having to deal with an inner tube leaking air, check out our recent article about fixing an inner tube here.  When repairing the Nerf Gun, pay special attention to any screws or bolts—they should not be loose or missing! Check out this handy guide for removing most internal parts from a nerf gun.  I recommend bookmarking it for future use—especially if you’re newer to the hobby.  If you need to remove any parts from your Nerf gun, this will be your best friend!

The most common reason for a nerf gun not shooting is an obstructed barrel. Take care not to lose small pieces inside the Nerf gun as you reassemble it—if something falls into the wrong place, it may prevent the toy from working properly in the future. Also, make sure all moving parts are lined up correctly—if there are any springs or locks that hold things together, they should click back into place when you’re done with your repair.


There are many reasons that you might need to open up the nerf gun to fix it. While I haven’t seen them all, these issues seem to be the most common problems with Nerf guns. If any of these solutions helped you out, I would be highly delighted. I hope this article has helped you learn how to fix a Nerf gun that won’t shoot, thank you, and have a good day!

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