How to Fix a Sprung Car Door

A sprung car door is not truly shut but can be pushed in to close. This is a serious safety issue; sprung doors pose an entrapment hazard for anyone getting into or out of the car and are an accident waiting to happen. Today I am going to discuss a technique on how to fix a sprung car door. So let us get into the topic.

How to Fix a Sprung Car Door

What Causes A Sprung Car Door?

A sprung car door is a fairly common problem on cars just a few years old and even on newer cars. It may seem more prevalent with certain make, models, or body types of vehicles.  It’s usually the result of one of two problems: improper alignment during an assembly at the factory or from wear & tear over time & poor care of the vehicle. Most manufacturers try to align all doors symmetrically when assembling them to avoid this problem down the road. Still, it isn’t always possible to achieve perfectly level results every single time. So even if you purchase a pre-owned car that’s less than 5 years old, you may still encounter this issue as it can develop over time.

Step-Wise Guide on How to Fix a Sprung Car Door

Here Are the Steps Involved in Fixing a Sprung Car Door:

Step 1 –

Open the sprung car door and inspect it thoroughly to know where to make the holes for the spring and where to attach its winding wire. If you notice any damage, take help from a professional garage worker who can provide you with better guidance.

Step 2 –

After inspecting the door, drill two holes at each end of the spring inside the frame. Make sure that they are big enough so that winder bolts fit into them easily. The space between both the drilled holes should be about 1 inch long. Repeat this procedure on both sides of the car doors, using different-sized springs depending upon your needs and requirements. Additionally, check how you can attach the winding wire for each spring to each drilled hole and then tighten it.

Step 3 –

Wind the wires of both springs around their respective bolts and place 1 ¾ inch washers at each end of the springs to set them firmly into position. Now tighten these bolts using a wrench or other tool that you have handy with you.

Step 4 –

If you need extra support for your car door, use heavy-duty washers on one side of the bolt, which is the opposite of where the winder wire has been placed. This will help in preventing any slippage while operating the door from inside or out.

Step 5 –

Test your work by opening and closing the sprung car door from inside and outside, checking whether the door is hanging in a balanced manner or not. Make sure that it does not fall off even if you pull hard on it. If you feel as if more support is required for your car doors, then use bolts with wider heads to provide greater stability and additional support to your springs.

Step 6 –

Finally, place the spring plates back onto both sides of your sprung doors while ensuring they are aligned well with the holes drilled earlier. Once this has been done successfully, tighten them using a wrench or other tool handy enough for the job at hand. For an additional security measure, secure nuts in each bolt by tightening them further using a ratchet and a long socket head. This will make sure that there are no bolts that have become loose over time.

Step 7 –

Test the car door once again, ensuring that it closes and opens smoothly now, without any issues or snags whatsoever. If you feel as if it is not hanging correctly, then take off the spring plates and begin again from step 6 of this guide till the time your job at hand has been performed successfully.

Precautions While Fixing a Sprung Car Door

  • When a door is sprung, the metal part that holds the hinge onto the car body has come loose and springs back using tension in the hinges, which can be very dangerous for you and others around you while driving. So care should be taken when fixing it to avoid danger.
  • Always call a professional if you are not sure if you can fix it on your own. Because if done wrongly, things might end up even worse, and you will have to pay more money for fixing instead of just spending a few bucks on getting it done professionally.
Repair Car Door

How to Keep the Car Door in Good Condition? 

You have to check your car door area at least three times a year. While opening and closing the door, if you find any problem with it, do not hesitate to replace the part immediately because delaying it can pay you very badly.

You can find several problems with your car’s door, but first, check the connection mainly. One of the common issues found out in the cars that mostly get damaged is that you often forget to close the back seat when parking over there, even if you park on the roadside and keep it closed. So this kind of stuff should be checked at least seasonally while washing or changing your oil stand each time it open and check whether any water seeps inside and clean it properly. Also, check whether all screws are well locked from which hinges get attached for proper functioning; otherwise, different issues can pay very badly, like dents on body parts or indoor parts.

Next, you should check the spring of your car door because it is the basic part that holds the whole car door together and can easily get broken due to placing heavy things over them or lack of maintenance.


Nowadays, many companies are producing car door springs. Still, if you want to replace them, you have to do proper deep research on the internet about their quality and performance because some can easily fall off within a year. But I hope the information stated above will surely help you learn how to fix a sprung car door. Of course, you must follow the steps properly. Have a nice day!

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