How to Hang a Door Mirror With Command Strips


These are small plastic strips that you stick to a surface and which have hooks on the back. You can use them for hanging things on smooth surfaces like walls, glass, or other hard materials. The hook will hold about nine pounds of weight when properly applied to a clean, non-porous surface. For example, command strips are used to hang mirrors on the wall with minimal effort. The mirror will look as if it is nailed to the wall, which has its obvious advantages. In this article, I will discuss how to hang a door mirror with command strips.

how to hang a door mirror with command strips

Advantages of Using Command Strips

Command strips are your best bet if you wish to hang something on a wall that is not very heavy. You can use the hooks to hang up posters, pictures, frames, and many other items as long as they do not weigh too much. The Command strips also allow you to easily remove whatever you are hanging without leaving a mark on the wall.

The room does not have to look cluttered or disorganized because the Command Strips come in different sizes depending on what you will use them for. If you need only one hook, then choose a small one, but if there are several things in one place, then get an oversized strip so that all of them could be hung properly and neatly at the same time. You can even use the Command Strips for your kids’ school projects. Make sure that you pick a size that is larger than what you need because it is better to have more strips than not enough.

You will have to use the Command Strips to hang something behind the wall or under your cabinets. This is because, with ordinary hooks, these places will not be accessible. If you would like a backboard for your mirrors in your bathroom, this is also one of the things that can be done perfectly by using Command strips.

The items used with these hooks are very light, so there is no need to worry about them falling and damaging anything when using the Command Strips. It also takes only a few seconds before they hold firmly on the walls, so you won’t have any worries about them coming off unintentionally while at it. These are among the top products that we would recommend to everyone who wants to maintain a great looking living space and keep it as neat as possible. They’re also perfect for use in the office and children’s room, making organizing things easier.

Step-wise Guide on How to Hang a Door Mirror With Command Strips

  • One of the most annoying things about mirrors is that they are heavy and can cause accidents if they fall. However, if you have a door mirror in your home, it is more difficult to make sure it doesn’t fall because as soon as you remove the adhesive strip from one side, the latter falls off.
Use a Glue
  • You need to clean your wall completely without leaving any dust, residue, or dirt on its surface. For example, dust might keep sticking to the glue on the strips, which could not give you a stronghold for holding your mirror’s position firmly for at least several hours.
  • Make sure that there are no paintings or hanging items within four inches (max) of where you will be placing your command strips (the distance depends on how strong they are, but four inches is the maximum, so I suggest that you don’t go beyond this limit unless you want your mirror to fall off).
  • After attaching the first strip to one side of your mirror, and it sticks well, removes its protective cover from the other side. Then place a small piece of wood along with your mirror and press them against the wall for about three minutes until the glue completely dries up.
  • Once when using these strips in hanging ornaments like mirrors and pictures, be sure not to ruin their finish by making scratches on them with any hard objects (which might occur while pressing them firmly on the wall). Be careful while removing these strips, too, after long use because they might break if you are not careful enough.
  • To get maximum results, it is advisable to use these strips in places where the temperature is not very high or low because both situations can affect the adhesive property of the strips, and they may not work well. Also, if you are using a mirror that has its frame made of wood, you must be extra cautious because this frame will probably need screws while hanging instead of Command Strips; so make sure that you choose a place where there is enough space for placing some screws on your wall.
  • You can also use these strips by applying the paste over them and attaching them to walls as normal stickers, but that might take up more time than just simultaneously sticking them to your mirror’s back after removing their protective coverings.
  • These strips can be used for hanging most of the things, but it is advisable to avoid using them for items that have a heavy weight (over 10 pounds). Also, keep in mind that you cannot use these strips for too long as they are not made to withstand high amounts of pressure and heat, so after they lose their adhesive property, you should throw them away because keeping them at home would mean risking the safety of your family and children who might step on or get injured by falling objects like mirrors, etc.
  • Also, try not to keep your mirror or other things in places where direct sunlight falls directly on it, especially if you are using command strips over a period of several months; this could make its surface extremely hot, and beyond normal human tolerances, so it is best if you place these strips in areas which have diffused lighting or no direct sunlight falling on them.
Use Command Strips
  • If your command strips need to stick something on a wall with a smooth surface, you can use paste over them before placing the objects on walls as stickers; this will help keep them in place for several hours or until the glue dries completely.

Precautions While Performing How to Hang a Door Mirror With Command Strips

  • Keep all the doors closed while working and ensure that kids or animals are not at play behind a door.
  • Plan your work several days ahead of time so you can allow enough time for all the necessary repairs.
  • Make sure you know how to install the hooks/strips before starting the project properly. 
  • If you do not feel confident in your ability to repair, hire a professional or help you hang the mirror and repair it afterward (very important). 
  • Depending on what kind of wall surface material is present where you want to hang the door mirror, there may be some preparation steps that should be done first (for drywall, see below before you continue).
  • Make sure you have the right sized door mirror for your wall space (height and width wise) and if it is going to hang on a flat surface or an angled one. 
  • Do not stretch the Command Strips more than 30% of their length when hanging a door mirror. Once they start to become very tight, please remove them and stick them back in place by stretching them out again.  The most important thing while working with these strips is don’t to stretch them!
Do Not Stretch the Command Strips

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Downsides to Using Command Hanging Strips?

A substantial disadvantage to using command hooks is that they can’t support a lot of weight while they’re excellent for lightweight objects. If you want to hang something weighty with them (like a piece of canvas art), then it’s best practice to place command strips in two or more locations on the object and the wall so that the extra support system will be sturdy enough to carry your item. Another disadvantage to using command hooks is that they can be difficult to remove from surfaces. If you want to use them again later, you may need to replace the strips or use a new set of command strips.

Another downside is that there’s no way to adjust items once they’ve been hung with these hooks: if something needs relocating on the wall, you have to remove all of the adhesive strips and apply them again at your new location. A final drawback is that some kinds of surfaces are less conducive than others for hanging things with command hooks. This is particularly true of surfaces that are very textured, or made of a material that won’t hold onto adhesive very well.

For example, you can’t use them on doors or walls with a finish, such as paint or wallpaper, and they’re not ideal for putting up things in high humidity areas (like bathrooms). The best thing about these tape is that they’re repositionable. So if you do make a mistake putting something up, you can simply peel it off and try again.

What Materials Can I Use With Command Hooks?

Command hooks work best with lightweight materials. These might include string lights, small picture frames, lightweight wreaths, or garlands of flowers. It would help if you did not hang something heavy from these adhesive strips.

If you want to safely display something too big to sit on your wall (for example, a framed piece of artwork), then it’s best practice to place command strips in two or more locations so that the extra support system will be sturdy enough to carry your item. Another recommendation is to choose a place on your wall where you have at least 3 studs within 16 inches of the spot.

Can Command Strips Be Used on All Surfaces?

No. Command Strips should only be used on a smooth surface like a wall, door, or mirror. It would help if you did not use them to hang anything on furniture or other porous surfaces.

Use Command Hook

Can I Hang a Mirror Using Only One Strip?

Yes, you can use one Command Strip to hang a mirror up to 10kg using a single strip, but you should make sure that the glass is completely smooth. If it isn’t, then the piece of glass will probably fall off. As a rule of thumb, if the mirror has an uneven frame or any design on it, then you should use two strips just in case.


I hope this article has helped provide all the information regarding how to hang a door mirror with command strips. Ensure all the safety precautions while performing these steps. Thank you and have a nice day!

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