How to Keep Window Candles From Falling


Window candles are popularly used for Christmas decorations, family gatherings, or Other important events. They produce a soft and warm glow that will brighten up the windows and your house during the dark winter days. You can add a unique and festive touch to your home with these window candles. However, while they can be used on many occasions like weddings, celebrations, or birthdays, there’s one thing you need to know when using them: they may fall off their place if not secured correctly. And this is where troubles start. A glass candle left on the floor because it fell over by itself may cause a fire accident if not cleaned before starting to melt down into the carpet! If you want to avoid such problems, you should know how to keep window candles from falling; this article will discuss such issues. So let us get started.

How to Keep Window Candles From Falling

Step-wise Guide on How to Keep Window Candles From Falling

The principle of window candles is that they float in the air. So, if there are sudden winds or some other disturbance that disrupts the current flow, the candle may fall from the socket. However, these candles can be kept safe from falling with a few tips and tricks available below:

The first thing you need to do is ensure that there is no obstruction on the window sill, due to which it cannot accommodate your c. Next, make sure you have enough space for placing this candle. If not, then take out all the stuff placed on your windowsill, thereby creating an obstacle for setting up your fake candle lantern properly.

Once done making space for this lantern, get rid of any unused or unnecessary items like brooms, dustpan, etc., that might get you into trouble while handling the lantern or any of its components.

Now hold the candle in one hand and then take your socket base with another hand. Make sure you have placed plenty of lighted candles around you to provide enough visibility for handling this equipment without causing any damage to it.

After that, place the socket on the window sill where there is sufficient space for placing it properly and do not forget to remove all unnecessary stuff like brooms, dustpan, etc., which might get in your way during the setting up task.

Place the Socket on the Window Sill

The next step involves placing a double-sided tape across the candle holder’s mouth before inserting fake flames into the device’s mouth. This is done to fit this pseudo-candle in the socket properly without falling or coming out of it. However, the candle holder’s mouth should be wide enough to accommodate this fake flame appropriately.

After that, place the candle inside and then close up its mouth by turning over the socket cover with another hand. The main thing is not to forget to remove the double-sided tape from the candleholder before you begin putting it back together again.

Once done keeping your artificial window candles safe from wind disturbances, fill up the holder’s body with liquid wax to give a basis for floating these devices a safer stand on the windowsill where they have been placed. Remember filling in more wax will not allow this lantern to float less while at the same time filling less than the stipulated amount of wax may keep them floating but may fall anytime.

Now, you need to place a candle underneath the floating lantern or, if not possible, then place it either on the side of the body or at the bottom of the holder’s mouth to give extra weight to this lantern which in turn will make it stay on windowsill more safely. However, be careful while handling these components due to hot wax inside them, and always handle them after turning off lights.

Once done with the candle placing task, light your fake floating candlesticks one by one with the help of a match stick, thereby avoiding accidents like getting yourself into trouble by knocking off these flameless candles from their positions. After that, blow out all the matches, thus leaving only lit fake flames floating above you on a windowsill where they have been placed.

You may also use candles that come with a flameless candle battery which can be placed in the bottom of the holder’s mouth by removing regular wax before placing this fake floating candlestick into the holder. However, these battery-operated burning fakes require consuming power and have to be replaced after a certain period of time.

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Precautions While Learning How to Keep Window Candles From Falling

  • Never keep your window candles near the source of heat as they may melt off due to extreme heat.
  • Never place your candle near a flammable material like curtains, sofa, beds, or any cloths
  • Do not expose it to moisture and rain
  • Keep Window Candles away from children’s reach
  • Always keep the Candlelight under control so that it won’t fall on anyone else while burning continuously for 5-6 hours

What are The Alternatives of Window Candles?

There are many alternatives of Window Candles that you can place on your windows, and they will keep the same memorable appearance as candles. Many other ways can be done at home, either you do them or hire a professional to do such type of job for you. But, whatever the way is that you prefer, what really matters is the importance of lightening your home during the special occasion season.

Paper lanterns. These lanterns can be used in place of candles and have the same gleam effect on the windows, but they cannot burn for an extended period like a candle. The light source is an electric or heat-resistant bulb that gives out a long-lasting glow as well.

Paper lanterns are also available with a clear cover that makes them more attractive to look at. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes as well. You can hang these paper lanterns anywhere you want to add a festive feeling to your home décor during Christmas time or Halloween parties.

Paper Lanterns Cannot Burn for an Extended Period Like a Candle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put a Candle on a Window Sill?

It is not advisable to put a candle on a window sill because it can create fire hazards. The same goes for any other kind of combustible material such as paper, fabric, or furniture. However, you can use the window sill to hold something else like a plant or flower pot that won’t cause any harm.

Why Do People Light Candles in Every Window?

People light candles in every window because it’s a sign of happiness and celebration. Candles are used to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. This is done by lighting candles in windows or placing them on the tables at these events.

It also signifies that there is good fortune coming into the home, and everyone should be happy and well.

Why Do You Light a White Candle When Someone Dies?

The most common reason is that white candles represent purity and light. White candles are lit to symbolize the new beginning of life without the deceased.

Where Should You Not Put a Candle?

Candles should not be placed in an enclosed space such as a closet, behind closed doors, or near a heat source. In addition, candles should not be placed on surfaces that could melt or catch fire easily, such as curtains, carpets, and wood furniture.


To conclude this article, I would like to say that, for the safety of your family members and yourself, you should always keep a check on the condition of candles placed on their respective stands.

You must remove any wax residue left in holders before re-installing them because once they fall, you may get into trouble by getting injured or setting things around on fire. The most important thing is to be careful while bringing these candleholders near an open flame to avoid any hot wax accident from happening. I hope you have obtained all the necessary information about how to keep window candles from falling. Thank you and have a nice day!

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