How to Make a Sheath for a Sword

An easy-to-use sword sheath is all you need to ensure maximum protection for your beautiful sword. That’s why many people ask how to make a sheath for a sword. With tons of requests, I am here to show you how to make a beautiful sheath for your sword. And the good thing is you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars. I have selected some simple methods with which you can finish this project with your household materials. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

Well, you can follow some basic templates that you might have seen in different other blogs or YouTube videos. I will suggest forgetting all of them for a couple of minutes. For this project, you must gather basic materials like cardboard, foam sheets, etc. Don’t worry; I will explain all of them one-by-one below. Prepare your workstation, and get these materials. 

Materials You Will Need

  • Some cardboards from crackers or
  • cereal boxes
  • Several types of foam sheets
  • Masking tapes
  • Scissors
  • Silver paint
  • Hot glue
  • Four Eyelets
  • And the sword that you want to put in.

How to Make a Sheath for a Sword?

If you have gathered all of them, Follow the steps below.

Step One:
First, you must cut the cardboard box according to your sword’s measurement. Trim the residual pieces and the fragments on the cardboard. If you want to be wider enough to cover up your entire sword, wrap the cardboard around your sword. If you find the pieces of cardboard aren’t long enough to cover the sword; don’t worry; you can add more to its length. Note that the cardboard should overlap enough to make it easily taped. For sliding the sword into the sheath easily, make sure to keep some additional room.

Step Two:
Once you have wrapped the sword up, secure the end with tape. I had to use additional cardboard because my sword was longer than the original piece. If you face this issue, remember that the new piece of cardboard should be slightly larger than the sword.

Step Three:
Now, you have got the shape. Use a multi-color foam sheet to decorate the sheath. So, apply some hot glue to one foam edge and put the cardboard sheath on it. Make sure to apply a little glue because it is very easy for the hot glue to melt the foam. Next, fold the foam around the cardboard sheath. Once you complete that, cut the edges to give it a sharp look.

Step Four:
Glue up the ends and let them dry. After that, your homemade sheath will be ready for your sword. You can apply for some ornamental works on your sheath if you want. I just have shown you how to make a sheath for a sword; the decoration is up to you.

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